R codes to allow connecting your data to VORTX machinelearning plataform.
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This package is an easy way to integrate (automate) R programs using the Aquarela VORTX plataform. In other words, R programs can use r2vortx functions to send and receive jobs to/from VORTX.

Also, it has some functions that integrates R to OpenRefine as well. OpenRefine is an open source tool for data cleansing, and can be downloaded at http://openrefine.org/.

  • The main functions are:
    • vortx_organizer: Creates a job in VORTX AND runs Organizer, which peforms a pure automated clustering and outlier detection process while extracting the measurements of systemic importance of each factor/variable.
    • vortx_discoverer: Creates a job in VORTX AND runs Discoverer which is used for Business Scenario Discovery, which automatically shows the systemic combination of factors/variables related to a certain goal, key drivers and wheights of each variable.
    • vortx_dataset: Gets dataset of a processed job in VORTX.
    • vortx_info: Gets all available information from a processed job in VORTX.

Every function requires an API Key from VORTX, so it is recommended to add it as a variable in your programming environment.

  • Functions for OpenRefine:
    • refine_push: Sends data from R to local OpenRefine
    • refine_pull: Gets data from local OpenRefine to R
    • refine_list: Lists projects in local OpenRefine
    • refine_kill: Deletes project in local OpenRefine
    • refine_mime: Apply (mimes) changes from existent project in OpenRefine to R data

Arguments and usage can be found in the documentation.

01 - Basic Requirements

To use VORTX functions you will need:

  • An authorized VORTX API key
  • httr package installed

To use OpenRefine functions you will need:

  • Local OpenRefine running on port 3333

02 - Installation

This package can be installed via devtools:


03 - Usage

To use the package, you need to add the following command:


04 - API - Information

All api addresses of VORTX can be found at api.vortx.io

Contributors of this project should get in touch to get over Github to get the APIkeys.

How does VORTX work with spreadsheets?

Here is a simple video showing this operation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jifOmAX4-qI

More information

Follow us at www.aquare.la