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The Arabidopsis Information Portal

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  1. Adaptible Data And Microservices API

    JavaScript 6 3

  2. Forked from intermine/intermine

    This is the code base for Thalemine, a data warehouse system based on InterMine and used in Araport, the Arabidopsis Information Portal.

    Java 4 2

  3. Forked from GMOD/jbrowse

    A modern genome browser built with JavaScript and HTML5.

    JavaScript 2 3

  4. Agave and Docker build files for the back end of our BLAST app

    Shell 1

  5. Drupal module for the Araport Science Apps Workspace.

    PHP 1 1

  6. Yeoman Generator for building Science Apps for the Arabidopsis Information Portal.

    JavaScript 2 2


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