New version of the current science app, using line coloring to show the experiments used to discover gene interactions. Includes arbor.js, which is used by cytoscape.js to display the data in a certain style, and psi.txt, which is a sample file of data
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An AIP Science App created using Yeoman and the AIP science app generator.

App Code

Your application code is in the app/ subdirectory:

+-- app/
|   +-- app.html
|   +-- scripts/
|       +-- app.js
|   +-- styles/
|       +-- app.css


You can interactively develop your app using the built-in test runner. Simply execute this command from within the base directory of your app:

$ grunt

This will run your application on a local server at http://localhost:9000. It will also watch your app code for changes and automatically reload the browser when it detects changes.

You can also run the test runner app in "production" mode with the command:

$ grunt serve:dist

This will start the same server, but without source code monitoring (live reload) and will also permit connections from outside, for example if you wanted to host the app yourself on a publicly accessible server.


When you are ready you can upload your application to the AIP Science Apps Workspace.

** More details coming soon! **