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Welcome to the wiki of Arachni's Web User Interface!

Default credentials

If you've downloaded one of the packages, the default credentials can be found in the included README file.

If you're working with the source code, the credentials can be found in db/seeds.rb.

Administrator account

E-mail: admin@admin.admin
Password: administrator

Regular user account

E-mail: user@user.user
Password: regular_user



Instructions for configuring the interface to work with an external Postgres database server or switching back to the default SQLite3 setup.


Instructions for upgrading to a newer version of Arachni and importing existing data and configuration to the new package.


Each section of the web interface is documented individually:


The Home page serves as a very simple dashboard showing you a basic graph with the progression of issues discovered per scan.

It also shows notifications about things you're involved in (like scans, issues, profiles etc.) as well as a list with your own activities to help jog your memory.


Allows you to start and manage scans, overview the status/progress of active ones and review finished ones. It also lets you share scans with other users and groups.


Allows you to create, manage and share scan configuration profiles.


Dispatchers are remote agents which provide you with scanner Instances, those Instances are the entities that actually perform the scans.

This page allows you to overview and manage those agents.


Allows you to see your fellow users and even manage them, provided you've got the required permissions.


Allows you to tweak the available options of the interface, mainly enforcing restrictions on what/how scans can be performed.

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