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The web interface is a Ruby-on-Rails application and uses the same configuration system, with the database configuration file located at system/arachni-ui-web/config/database.yml

(All instructions assume that the user is working from the package's directory.)


By default, the web interface will use a local SQLite3 database to allow for a configuration-free out of the box experience.

The database file is located at system/arachni-ui-web/db/production.sqlite3.


To use PostgreSQL as your database you should:

  • Backup the default DB configuration file (system/arachni-ui-web/config/database.yml).
  • Rename system/arachni-ui-web/config/database.yml.pgsql to system/arachni-ui-web/config/database.yml.
  • Update the configuration file settings with the appropriate credentials.
  • Run ./bin/arachni_web_task db:setup to setup the database.