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Update element and issue representation, logging and trust evaluation. #209

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The Issue object hasn't been updated in a long time for compatibility reasons but it's time to be cleaned up.

  • Clean up Element objects and Page (initializers are especially ugly).
  • The new Issue object should be:
    • Much closer to the cleaned up issues the WebUI is using.
    • Able to hold the vulnerable Element itself when possible (i.e. when it's an auditable input vector like a Link, Form, Cookie, Header or even Page) instead of a bunch of poorly worded attributes.
    • Able to hold the whole associated HTTP Request and Response objects.
  • Trust evaluation should be an operation performed on the issues themselves by meta-plugins (/default/meta/) instead of the plugins logging a list of issues which they think are untrustworthy and requiring the system to go looking for them in plugin results. The meta-plugins should bestow their opinion onto the issue along with a description and/or a reason why.
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@Zapotek Zapotek discovery meta-analysis plugin:
  * Updated to add remarks to logged issues
  * Added spec

  [Issue #209]
@Zapotek Zapotek referenced this issue from a commit
@Zapotek Zapotek Elements: Cleaned up initializers and attribute names
[Issue #209]

Also refactored a bunch of other system components to accommodate
these changes.
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