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Add more intermediate levels between --debug and -v #368

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I think more important than #344 would be to have two more levels between --debug and -v or at least one. since the debug info is too much and -v too little

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Yeah this makes perfect sense, I need to add verbosity/debug levels.


There's not a lot of stuff that can be treated as verbose messages in Arachni, so I don't think it needs a level for verbosity.

However, it'd probably be useful for debugging messages mainly because the HTTP debugging messages do tend to drown out everything else.

I'm thinking:

  • Level 1 -- Messages from operations that don't generate a lot of debugging messages.
  • Level 2 -- Level 1 + messages from operations that generate a moderate amount of debugging messages.
  • Level 3 -- Level 2 + messages from operations that generate a lot of debugging messages.

Done. :)

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@Zapotek Zapotek Added 3 debugging levels
[Closes #368]
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