Pre Release checklist

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This page serves as a pre-release check-list in order to make sure that there are no mishaps or left-over development-related code when releasing new versions.

Framework and WebUI

Go over the list for Framework first, WebUI second.

  1. Make sure there are no development dependencies in the Gemfile.
    • No pulling from dev git repos.
  2. rake -- To make sure all tests pass.
  3. git flow release start v<version>
  4. Bump version numbers.
    • Framework
      • lib/version
    • WebUI
      • VERSION
  5. Remove any dev-only, debugging, whatever code.
  6. rake -- Make sure we didn't break anything.
  7. Merge into master.
    • Framework
      • git flow release finish -n v<version> -- -n tells git-flow not to tag.
    • WebUI
      • git flow release finish v<version>
    • git checkout master
  8. rake -- Make sure the merge back to master didn't break anything.
  9. Release
    • Framework
      • rake release -- To tag, push the code and push the Gem.
    • WebUI
      • git push
      • git push --tags
      • Build and push self-contained packages.


Make sure that:

  1. The branches of the Wiki repos for the new versions are merged back into master.
  2. The knowledge base is up to date.


  • Blog post
  • Twitter
  • Usual mailing lists