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"No module named markdown" #33

hymerman opened this Issue · 3 comments

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git clone git://
git submodule init
git submodule update

"Run" using Google AppEngine Launcher
Visit http://localhost:8080, see 404 error
Visit http://localhost:8080/admin/, see stack trace for an exception thrown in the 'import markdown' line in

: No module named markdown
args = ('No module named markdown',)
message = 'No module named markdown'

I've installed Python 2.5.4 from and AppEngine is using this. I've done nothing else, and made no modifications to bloggart. I couldn't see any other instructions so I assumed this was all that was required.

Have I just missed out some important step or is this an actual issue?


I can confirm this. The odd thing is that accessing /admin/ right after starting the devserver doesn't trigger this error -- This used to happen a lot to me on my own engine also.

Importing fix_path and calling fix_path.fix_sys_path() before import markdown on solves this problem.


I can confirm this issue. I can also confirm Caio's workaround. I pushed that fix to my own clone:



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