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RESTful Blog for Google App Engine
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updated to support 2009 archives by default

Signed-off-by: Nick Johnson <>
latest commit 241fc977d3
@phunt phunt authored committed
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dev Wrote some unit tests for basic Bloog functionality.
handlers don't log the absence of accept as error
models Don't cache view for users. Don't search tag_keys (just tags). Increa…
static Updated CSS to specify a size for gravatar images.
utils Fix input of russian in body of post/article
views updated to support 2009 archives by default
.gitignore Initial commit of public Bloog branch. Provides base RESTful app that…
.gitmodules change firepython
app.yaml Added support for FirePython logging when logged in as administrator.
index.yaml Moved index definitions above the AUTOGENERATED line. Reorganized files into a better MVC directory structure that also sup… allow the application to start with no FirePython installed Removed static file finding utilities in theme inheritance, since thi…
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