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The MDT crowdsale is a hotly anticipated event, with the MDT offerors laying out the following details on a crowdsale:

  • 50k ETH crowdsale cap; once cap is reached, crowdsale ends. No more than 50M tokens can ever be created, providing a limited supply. 1:1 Wei:Token exchange rate.
  • Preferred investor status; our friends and family at MDT are eligible to buy coins early, before the crowdsale starts and the riff raff get in.
  • Instant trading; our ERC20 will launch right away on the blockchain.
  • The crowdsale is run for 100000 blocks (~17 days)
  • No take backs; if the cap is not reached, the ERC20 runs anyway.

The contract to be launched on the blockchain is MDTCrowdsale.sol.

Unfortunately, the programmer of the MDT crowdsale made a one line "mistake" that he will trigger, to turn the MDT crowdscale into a widespread and very public disaster. The diff to the working contract as described above is one line; can you find it?

Hint: you can easily write a full coverage unit test suite for MDTToken.sol without revealing the bug!

Hint2: The bug violates one of the invariants in this README.

Happy hunting!

(This entry is inspired by an unnamed real contract developed for production use.) (Note: some source files shamelessly ripped from Zeppelin and Consensys Githubs.)