Glot is a plotting library for Golang built on top of gnuplot.
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glot is a plotting library for Golang built on top of gnuplot. glot currently supports styles like lines, points, bars, steps, histogram, circle, and many others. We are continuously making efforts to add more features.


Documentation is available at godoc.


  • gnu plot
    • build gnu plot from source
    • linux users
      • sudo apt-get update
      • sudo apt-get install gnuplot-x11
    • mac users
      • install homebrew
      • brew cask install xquartz (for x-11)
      • brew install gnuplot --with-x11


go get

Usage and Examples

We have a blog post explaining our vision and covering some basic usage of the glot library. Check it out here.



We really encourage developers coming in, finding a bug or requesting a new feature. Want to tell us about the feature you just implemented, just raise a pull request and we'll be happy to go through it. Please read the CONTRIBUTING and CODE_OF_CONDUCT file.