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import json
from .theExceptions import (CreationError, DeletionError, UpdateError)
class Index(object) :
"""An index on a collection's fields. Indexes are meant to de created by ensureXXX functions of Collections.
Indexes have a .infos dictionary that stores all the infos about the index"""
def __init__(self, collection, infos = None, creationData = None) :
self.collection = collection
self.connection = self.collection.database.connection
self.indexesURL = "%s/index" % self.collection.database.URL
self.infos = None
if infos :
self.infos = infos
elif creationData :
if self.infos :
self.URL = "%s/%s" % (self.indexesURL, self.infos["id"])
def _create(self, postData) :
"""Creates an index of any type according to postData"""
if self.infos is None :
r =, params = {"collection" :}, data = json.dumps(postData, default=str))
data = r.json()
if (r.status_code >= 400) or data['error'] :
raise CreationError(data['errorMessage'], data)
self.infos = data
def delete(self) :
"""Delete the index"""
r = self.connection.session.delete(self.URL)
data = r.json()
if (r.status_code != 200 and r.status_code != 202) or data['error'] :
raise DeletionError(data['errorMessage'], data)
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