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# Maintenance program for Nimrod
# (c) Copyright 2012 Andreas Rumpf
# See the file "copying.txt", included in this
# distribution, for details about the copyright.
when defined(gcc) and defined(windows):
when defined(x86):
{.link: "icons/koch.res".}
{.link: "icons/koch_icon.o".}
os, strutils, parseopt, osproc, streams
when defined(withUpdate):
import httpclient
when defined(haveZipLib):
import zipfiles
HelpText = """
| Maintenance program for Nimrod |
| Version $1|
| (c) 2012 Andreas Rumpf |
Build time: $2, $3
koch [options] command [options for command]
--help, -h shows this help and quits
Possible Commands:
boot [options] bootstraps with given command line options
clean cleans Nimrod project; removes generated files
web generates the website
csource [options] builds the C sources for installation
zip builds the installation ZIP package
inno [options] builds the Inno Setup installer (for Windows)
tests run the testsuite
update updates nimrod to the latest version from github
(compile koch with -d:withUpdate to enable)
Boot options:
-d:release produce a release version of the compiler
-d:tinyc include the Tiny C backend (not supported on Windows)
-d:useGnuReadline use the GNU readline library for interactive mode
(not needed on Windows)
-d:nativeStacktrace use native stack traces (only for Mac OS X or Linux)
proc exe(f: string): string = return addFileExt(f, ExeExt)
proc exec(cmd: string) =
if execShellCmd(cmd) != 0: quit("FAILURE")
proc tryExec(cmd: string): bool =
result = execShellCmd(cmd) == 0
proc csource(args: string) =
exec("nimrod cc $1 -r tools/niminst/niminst --var:version=$2 csource compiler/nimrod.ini $1" %
[args, NimrodVersion])
proc zip(args: string) =
exec("nimrod cc -r tools/niminst/niminst --var:version=$# zip compiler/nimrod.ini" %
proc buildTool(toolname, args: string) =
exec("nimrod cc $# $#" % [args, toolname])
copyFile(dest="bin"/ splitFile(toolname).name.exe, source=toolname.exe)
proc inno(args: string) =
# make sure we have generated the c2nim and niminst executables:
buildTool("tools/niminst/niminst", args)
buildTool("tools/nimgrep", args)
buildTool("compiler/c2nim/c2nim", args)
exec("tools" / "niminst" / "niminst --var:version=$# inno compiler/nimrod" %
proc install(args: string) =
exec("sh ./")
proc web(args: string) =
exec(("nimrod cc -r tools/nimweb.nim web/nimrod --putenv:nimrodversion=$#" &
" --path:$#") % [NimrodVersion, getCurrentDir()])
# -------------- boot ---------------------------------------------------------
bootOptions = "" # options to pass to the bootstrap process
proc findStartNimrod: string =
# we try several things before giving up:
# * bin/nimrod
# * $PATH/nimrod
# If these fail, we try to build nimrod with the "build.(sh|bat)" script.
var nimrod = "nimrod".exe
result = "bin" / nimrod
if ExistsFile(result): return
for dir in split(getEnv("PATH"), PathSep):
if ExistsFile(dir / nimrod): return nimrod
when defined(Posix):
const buildScript = ""
if ExistsFile(buildScript):
if tryExec("./" & buildScript): return "bin" / nimrod
const buildScript = "build.bat"
if ExistsFile(buildScript):
if tryExec(buildScript): return "bin" / nimrod
echo("Found no nimrod compiler and every attempt to build one failed!")
proc safeRemove(filename: string) =
if existsFile(filename): removeFile(filename)
proc thVersion(i: int): string =
result = ("compiler" / "nimrod" & $i).exe
proc copyExe(source, dest: string) =
copyFile(dest=dest, source=source)
inclFilePermissions(dest, {fpUserExec})
proc boot(args: string) =
var output = "compiler" / "nimrod".exe
var finalDest = "bin" / "nimrod".exe
copyExe(findStartNimrod(), 0.thVersion)
for i in 0..2:
echo "iteration: ", i+1
exec i.thVersion & " cc $# $# compiler" / "nimrod.nim" % [bootOptions, args]
if sameFileContent(output, i.thVersion):
copyExe(output, finalDest)
echo "executables are equal: SUCCESS!"
copyExe(output, (i+1).thVersion)
copyExe(output, finalDest)
when not defined(windows): echo "[Warning] executables are still not equal"
# -------------- clean --------------------------------------------------------
cleanExt = [
".ppu", ".o", ".obj", ".dcu", ".~pas", ".~inc", ".~dsk", ".~dpr",
".map", ".tds", ".err", ".bak", ".pyc", ".exe", ".rod", ".pdb", ".idb"
ignore = [
".bzrignore", "nimrod", "nimrod.exe", "koch", "koch.exe"
proc cleanAux(dir: string) =
for kind, path in walkDir(dir):
case kind
of pcFile:
var (dir, name, ext) = splitFile(path)
if ext == "" or cleanExt.contains(ext):
if not ignore.contains(name):
echo "removing: ", path
of pcDir:
case splitPath(path).tail
of "nimcache":
echo "removing dir: ", path
of "dist", ".git": nil
else: cleanAux(path)
else: nil
proc removePattern(pattern: string) =
for f in WalkFiles(pattern):
echo "removing: ", f
proc clean(args: string) =
if ExistsFile("koch.dat"): removeFile("koch.dat")
for kind, path in walkDir(getCurrentDir() / "build"):
if kind == pcDir:
echo "removing dir: ", path
# -------------- update -------------------------------------------------------
when defined(withUpdate):
when defined(windows):
{.warning: "Windows users: Make sure to run 'koch update' in Bash.".}
proc update(args: string) =
when defined(windows):
echo("Windows users: Make sure to be running this in Bash. ",
"If you aren't, press CTRL+C now.")
var thisDir = getAppDir()
var git = findExe("git")
echo("Checking for git repo and git executable...")
if existsDir(thisDir & "/.git") and git != "":
echo("Git repo found!")
# use git to download latest source
echo("Checking for updates...")
discard startCmd(git & " fetch origin master")
var procs = startCmd(git & " diff origin/master master")
var errcode = procs.waitForExit()
var output = readLine(procs.outputStream)
if errcode == 0:
if output == "":
# No changes
echo("No update. Exiting..")
echo("Fetching updates from repo...")
var pullout = execCmdEx(git & " pull origin master")
if pullout[1] != 0:
quit("An error has occured.")
if pullout[0].startsWith("Already up-to-date."):
quit("No new changes fetched from the repo. " &
"Local branch must be ahead of it. Exiting...")
quit("An error has occured.")
echo("No repo or executable found!")
when defined(haveZipLib):
echo("Falling back.. Downloading source code from repo...")
# use dom96's httpclient to download zip
thisDir / "")
echo("Extracting source code from archive...")
var zip: TZipArchive
discard open(zip, thisDir & "/", fmRead)
extractAll(zip, thisDir & "/")
quit("Error reading archive.")
quit("No failback available. Exiting...")
echo("Starting update...")
echo("Update complete!")
# -------------- tests --------------------------------------------------------
proc tests(args: string) =
# we compile the tester with taintMode:on to have a basic
# taint mode test :-)
exec("nimrod cc --taintMode:on tests/tester")
exec(getCurrentDir() / "tests/tester".exe & " reject")
exec(getCurrentDir() / "tests/tester".exe & " compile")
exec(getCurrentDir() / "tests/tester".exe & " examples")
exec(getCurrentDir() / "tests/tester".exe & " run")
exec(getCurrentDir() / "tests/tester".exe & " merge")
proc showHelp() =
quit(HelpText % [NimrodVersion & repeatChar(44-len(NimrodVersion)),
CompileDate, CompileTime])
var op = initOptParser()
case op.kind
of cmdLongOption, cmdShortOption: showHelp()
of cmdArgument:
case normalize(op.key)
of "boot": boot(op.cmdLineRest)
of "clean": clean(op.cmdLineRest)
of "web": web(op.cmdLineRest)
of "csource": csource(op.cmdLineRest)
of "zip": zip(op.cmdLineRest)
of "inno": inno(op.cmdLineRest)
of "install": install(op.cmdLineRest)
of "test", "tests": tests(op.cmdLineRest)
of "update":
when defined(withUpdate):
quit "this Koch has not been compiled with -d:withUpdate"
else: showHelp()
of cmdEnd: showHelp()
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