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Airbnb Homes in Vancouver
Facial Classification Recognition
Image Classification, Deep Neural Network

My Portfolio


Please see below for the list of projects included in this repository. For Jupyter Notebooks I recommend to view the notebooks on nvviewer to avoid rendering issues (through the links provided below) but also feel free to find the notebooks and source codes on this repo.

For more information about me, my resume and some testimonial please visit my personal website at

Facial Expression Recognition

Visualization of Airbnb'a presence in city of Vancouver

Handwritten Digit Recognizer with MNIST Data Set

  • Trying different machine learning models and comparing their performance in predicting handwritten digits (Logistic Regression with PCA and Cross-Validation, KNN, Decision Trees and Random Forests, SVM, Gradient Boosting Classifier)

Analyzing data from previous US presidential elections

  • EDA and Data Cleaning
  • Statistical analysis and data visualization
  • Statistical modeling, model selection and result interpretation

Looking into trip data form BIXI, Montréal's bicycle sharing system

  • Basic SQL Queries on MySQL Workbench
  • Data visualization and reporting using Tableau and Microsoft Excel

Note: The last three projects were delivered as project assignments for BrainStation's Data Science Diploma program and cannot be shared publicly. Please feel free to contact me through LinkedIn for Email and I will be happy to share the source codes and Jupyter Notebooks with you.

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