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A screenshot taking app written in Swift (thought its libraries are Objective-C).


There are plenty of apps for taking screenshots in OSX out there. Why another one?

Well, it's true that there are many apps out there and the one I like the most is LightShot, but they all lack something from this list:

  • They upload your screenshots anonymously so you can't control them once they are uploaded.
  • You can only take live-screenshots. What's that? If you are playing a game or trying to get a cropped screenshot of something that disappears, you will have a bad time.
  • They only upload screenshots of the whole screen.

Also, I wanted to write an app in Swift.

#What can I do with it?

SayCheese has a few options:

  • Assign custom hotkeys to taking a screenshot.
  • Region-selection screenshot taking.
  • Save that selection locally as JPG or PNG.
  • Upload it to imgur.com:
    • Anonymously.
    • Using your account. This way you can delete them whenever you want.

#Do you have a binary?

But of course! You can download the latest version from here.

#How does it work?

The app consist of a few main classes:

  • BackgroundApplication controls the hotkey pressing, it's the core of the app.
  • ScreenshotWindow is launched by BackgroundApplication when you take a screenshot. It contains a CroppingNSImageView instance, which allows you to select the region to upload and a SelectActionView which lets you decide what to do with that selection.
  • ImgurClient controls the session and handles uploading of screenshots.
  • PreferencesWindowController lets you change the hotkeys with an HotkeyTextField, whether you want the app to start at login or not, and the Imgur account.

#Can I contribute?

If you are insane enough to read and comprehend the code, then sure, do it. Just be sure that you submit pull requests to development branch.

Libraries used

For this project I used the Objective-C library provided by Imgur which also provides AFNetworking, everything using CocoaPods.


This app is licensed under Apache v2, so basically you can do whatever you want with it. For more info: see LICENSE file.