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Heart Of The City

The Heart of the city is an interactive public art sculpture that pulses light according to the heartbeat of the people. The sculpture invites several people to sit and interactive with it. When a person places a finger on the pulse sensor located in one of the seats of the sculpture, it starts light on and off according with the rhythm of the heart beat of the user. When nobody is touching the pulse sensor, the Heart of the City has its own rhythm and illumination. The piece aims to bring closer the heartbeat of the citizens by creating a heart to the city where people could hang out and experience an expansion of their own heart shared with others.




  • Giang Dinh : Technical Officer (Electronics), University of Technology Sydney
  • Greg Dalsanto: Technical Officer (Fabrication), University of Technology Sydney
  • Raja Natkunarajah: Building Supervisor (Electrician), University of Technology Sydney



The shape of the sculpture comes from an original human heart model that I modified to get the desired shape for the project. The sculpture will fit several people at the same time. It will have only one pulse sensor located in one of the seats that will pulse the light of the entire sculpture on and off. It can only be activated by one person at a time. The sculpture surface will be 10 m2. The structure will be robust, waterproof, durable and its shape will be adapted and can be scaled according to the space around it.





LED Neon Flex

LED Driver

Arduino UNO R3

  • ATmega328P Microcontroller
  • 5V Operating Voltage
  • 6 GPIO for PWM Output
  • 14 Digital GPIO


  • Type - N-CHANNEL Power MOSFET
  • Drain-source Voltage (VDS) - 60V
  • Drain Current (ID) - 16A
  • Static Drain-source On Resistance (RDS) - 0.07 Ω

BCI Pulse Oximeter

  • Non-Invasive Photoplethysmogram Medical Device
  • Heartbeat and Oxigen saturation measurement
  • Infrared Sensors
  • RS-232 Signal
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