A spam-to-win typing game using Orx for the Open Jam 2018
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The mechanics behind SpammerTyper are mostly standard typing game mechanics: you're in a fixed position and typeable text is approaching you. In SpammerTyper, these are individual characters rather than words. If you get hit or hit a character that isn't present on screen, you lose HP. The game ends if you lose all your HP. Type the characters to destroy them before they reach you.

The catch: every time you hit a character, the camera zooms in a bit, giving you less time to see and type incoming characters before they reach you. You only need to defend yourself against non-whitespace characters, but you can press spacebar at any time to zoom out.

The other catch: the spawn rate of characters is inversely proportional to the zoom level. If you're zoomed in, you have less time to react to incoming characters, but fewer characters spawn in a given time period. If you're zoomed out, you have more time to react, but you'll have to deal with more characters.

Characters randomly spawn with score or HP bonuses. Red characters give you an HP boost. Green characters give an additional point bonus when typed.

The other other catch: the more HP you have, the faster the newly spawned characters will move. See if you can balance this.


On Mac and Linux, use the Makefile. Define the macro MAC when compiling on Mac to disable use of the -u flag for copying assets to the build folder, as this is not available on Mac (like so: make MAC=1).

Use the Visual Studio project on Windows.

Running on Linux

The Orx library is dynamically linked, so in order to run on a Linux platform, you may need to add the install directory to your library search path. You can do this with the following command, which will add the path to your search path for the rest of the session (until you log out of the shell):

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`readlink -f .`

Note that you may replace the path . as necessary to point to the directory containing liborx.so.


SpammerTyper was created for the Open Jam 2018. Theme: Spam to win.


Project available under GPLv3. See LICENSE for full license text. Orx game engine available under the Zlib license (see the repository for details).

Assets available under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.