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How to use

Simply add the SeoWidget into your UiBinder. It currently supports all the following tags :

<!DOCTYPE ui:UiBinder SYSTEM "">
<ui:UiBinder xmlns:ui=""
            <seo:Title>My Title</seo:Title>
            <seo:Description>My Description</seo:Description>
                <seo:OgImage height="480" width="480">http://some.image.png</seo:OgImage>
                <seo:OgType typeValue="WEBSITE"/>
            <seo:Custom property="og:audio"></seo:Custom>
        <p>This is my page, now with SEO!</p>

If you want to use other meta properties, you can use <seo:Custom property="theproperty">Value</seo:Custom> as a fallback.

Internationalization (i18n)

You can also use ui:msg inside the tags to use i18n messages :

        <ui:msg description="SEO - MAIN - TITLE">Title</ui:msg>
        <ui:msg description="SEO - MAIN - DESCRIPTION">Description</ui:msg>
        <ui:msg description="SEO - MAIN - KEYWORDS">kw1,kw2,kw3</ui:msg>
        <seo:OgImage height="480" width="480">http://some.image.url</seo:OgImage>
        <seo:OgType typeValue="WEBSITE"/>

Although there are no specific og:title and og:description tags, they are copied at runtime from the seo:Title and ``seo:Description` tags.

How it works

When the SeoWidget is attached to the DOM, the content is used to generate <meta> tags. Those tags are then inserted into the <head> section. At the moment, nothing is done when the widget is detached. A good practice is to define specific SEO components in all your views.

Dynamic data

GWT-SEO can also simplify the way you handle meta properties from dynamic data

import com.arcbees.seo.Image;
import com.arcbees.seo.OpenGraph;
import com.arcbees.seo.SeoElements;
import com.arcbees.seo.TagsInjector;
// Other imports...
public class MyViewImpl implements MyView {
    interface Binder extends UiBinder<Widget, MyViewImpl> {}
    private final Widget widget;
    private final TagsInjector tagsInjector;
            Binder binder.
            TagsInjector tagsInjector) {
        widget = binder.createAndBindUi(this);
        this.tagsInjector = tagsInjector;
    public void setProduct(Product product) {
        Photo photo = product.getPhoto();
        Image image = new Image(photo.getUrl(), photo.getHeight(), photo.getWidth(), photo.getMimeType());
        OpenGraph openGraph = new OpenGraph.Builder()
        SeoElements seoElements = new SeoElements.Builder()
    // ...

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