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GWT Stripe

A simple Stripe.js wrapper for GWT.

##Adding it to your project

  1. Add Maven dependency to your POM:

  2. Inherit the required GWT module

    <inherits name="com.arcbees.stripe.GwtStripe"/>

##Using it with Gin

  1. Install the required Gin module:

    install(new StripeModule());
  2. Inject and use the Stripe interface:

    MyClass(Stripe stripe) {

##Using it with StripeFactory Use StripeFactory.get() to get a Stripe instance:

Stripe stripe = StripeFactory.get();

You can call StripeFactory.get() at any time, since the Stripe instance you'll receive is stateless.

##Running the sample

  1. Clone the repo
  2. cd to root folder
  3. mvn clean install
  4. cd sample
  5. mvn clean gwt:run

##Running integration tests 0. Make sure chromedriver is on your PATH

  1. cd to root folder
  2. mvn clean verify -Pintegration-tests

##Thanks to