Configuring Bitbucket Pull Requests Plugin

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Downloading the plugin

You can download the file from the releases section.

Installing the plugin

Please refer to TeamCity's guide on how to install an external plugin

Creating a build configuration to monitor pull requests

There are two important things to configure :

1. Set the branches of the VCS Root

Set your default branch, and in the Branch specification field, enter : +:refs/heads/*. Unfortunately, only git is supported at the moment

2. Add the Trigger

In the Build Triggers section, click on the Add new trigger button. If the plugin is correctly installed, you should see a Bitbucket Pull Request item in the drop down.

Configuring the plugin


  • Server URL: URL of BitBucket server, e.g.
  • User Name: User that can log into above server e.g.
  • Password: Password for above user
  • Owner: The string appearing in your BitBucket URL after the root, e.g. my_org for
  • Repository: Name of the repository, as appears in it's BitBucket URL
  • Base branch: Build PR's that target this branch, e.g. refs/heads/master

The user name used should have access to comment on pull requests in the repository, as the plugin will use those credentials to write if the build is successful or not.

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