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ArcadeDB Multi-Model Database, one DBMS that supports SQL, Cypher, Gremlin, HTTP/JSON, MongoDB and Redis. ArcadeDB is a conceptual fork of OrientDB, the first Multi-Model DBMS. ArcadeDB supports Vector Embeddings.


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Multi Model DBMS Built for Extreme Performance



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ArcadeDB is a Multi-Model DBMS (created originally as a fork from OrientDB Open Source project after the acquisition by SAP) with a brand-new engine made of Alien Technology, able to crunch millions of records per second on common hardware with the usage of minimal resources. ArcadeDB is written in LLJ: Low Level Java. It's still Java11+ but only using low level API to use advanced mechanical sympathy techniques and a reduced pressure of the Garbage Collector. It's highly optimized for extreme performance. Runs from a Raspberry Pi to multiple servers on the cloud.

ArcadeDB is fully transactional DBMS with support for ACID transactions, structured and unstructured data, native graph engine (no joins but links between records), full-text indexing, geospatial querying, and advanced security.

ArcadeDB supports the following models:

ArcadeDB understands multiple languages:

ArcadeDB can be used as:

  • Embedded from any language on top of the Java Virtual Machine
  • Remotely by using HTTP/JSON
  • Remotely by using a Postgres driver (ArcadeDB implements Postgres Wire protocol)
  • Remotely by using a Redis driver (only a subset of the operations are implemented)
  • Remotely by using a MongoDB driver (only a subset of the operations are implemented)

For more information, see the documentation.

Getting started in 5 minutes

Start ArcadeDB Server with Docker:

docker run --rm -p 2480:2480 -p 2424:2424 \
           -e JAVA_OPTS="-Darcadedb.server.rootPassword=playwithdata -Darcadedb.server.defaultDatabases=Imported[root]{import:}" \

Now open your browser on http://localhost:2480 and play with ArcadeDB Studio and the imported OpenBeer database to find your favorite beer.

ArcadeDB Studio

ArcadeDB is cloud-ready with Docker and Kubernetes support.

You can also download the latest release, unpack it on your local hard drive and start the server with bin/ or bin/server.bat for Windows.


Join our growing community around the world, for ideas, discussions and help regarding ArcadeDB.


For security issues kindly email us at instead of posting a public issue on GitHub.


ArcadeDB is Free for any usage and licensed under the liberal Open Source Apache 2 license. If you need commercial support, or you need to have an issue fixed ASAP, check our GitHub Sponsor page on both Recurrent and One-Time tiers. All the sponsorship received will be distributed to the active contributors of this project.


We would love for you to get involved with ArcadeDB project. If you wish to help, you can learn more about how you can contribute to this project in the contribution guide. The nightly builds of the repository head can be found here.

Have fun with data!

The ArcadeDB Team

TL;DR: ArcadeDB is an open-source multi-model NoSQL database systems.