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ArcadeDB allows hooking listener to the following events on records (vertices, edges, documents):

  • before is created, by registering the interface BeforeRecordCreateListener

  • after is created, by registering the interface AfterRecordCreateListener

  • before is read, by registering the interface BeforeRecordReadListener

  • after is read, by registering the interface AfterRecordReadListener

  • before is updates, by registering the interface BeforeRecordUpdateListener

  • after is updated, by registering the interface AfterRecordUpdateListener

  • before is deleted, by registering the interface BeforeRecordDeleteListener

  • after is deleted, by registering the interface AfterRecordDeleteListener

The listeners above can be installed and removed at database by using:


And at specific type level by using:


All the interface listeners that work before a record is created, read, updated or deleted, require to return a boolean value. If the callback returns true, the listener chain continues and all the following listeners are invoked. If false, the chain of calls is interrupted and the operation is skipped with no errors. In case an error is requested, the callback can throw an exception instead of returning false.

The typical use cases for the listeners are:

  • listen before a create or update to enhance the record with additional properties

  • listen before a create or update to validate properties and in case the record is not valid, returning false or an exception to avoid the operation is executed

  • execute cascade operations. This is the typical use case for AfterRecordDeleteListener where a cascade deletion of multiple connected records can be executed

  • listen to after create, read, update and delete operations to propagate changes to the external or the webapp via web-socket. This allows to have a reactive application that doesn’t poll the database for changes, but rather listens and receives updates as soon as they occur

  • implement custom profiling on changes to the database (by implementing "before" listeners)

Example of before-record-create listener where vertices with "validated" field equal to false cannot be saved (callback returns false):

  record -> record instanceof Vertex && record.asVertex().getBoolean("validated"));

The same by only for vertex type "Client":

  record -> record.asVertex().getBoolean("validated"));