Assets 4


  • Updated to the latest version of Open Hardware Monitor.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • The application is no longer signed because my signing certificate expired as I cannot afford its yearly cost.
  • Windows may give you a warning when you first run the application because of this.

New Installation

  1. Run Setup.exe

In Place Upgrade (v3.0.0+)

  1. Right click the tray icon
  2. Click "Update"
  3. Or rerun the app if you have "Auto-Update" enabled.


  • To run the app again use the Start Menu or Desktop shortcuts.
  • You do not need to run Setup.exe again to run the app.
  • You can delete Setup.exe after the install is complete.
  • If you want to pin the app to your taskbar, right click the Start Menu or Desktop shortcut and left click "Pin to taskbar".
  • If you do it any other way, it will be pointing to the wrong version after an update occurs.

Author Note

This software will always be free on GitHub. If you really like it please consider donating. It'll help with stuff like paying for the code signing certificate. I'd appreciate it! Thanks.


Setup.exe is for .NET 4.6.1
Setup_452.exe is for .NET v4.5.2