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These tools are made for developers to increase the efficiency of developing plugins for arcadier marketplaces. Inspiration for making these tools arose from making massive and frequent changes to a plugin. The tools increase development rate for plugins by mitigating the zipping process and reducing uploading changes to the dashboard.


Before installing, you need to setup a firebase project. Click here and login with your google account. Then go to console and add a new project.

create project

You will also need to download and install Node.js.

Install arcadier-tools using:


npm install -g arcadier-tools

Mac and Ubuntu

sudo npm install -g arcadier-tools


After installing the package run the following to setup the arcadier-tools. This will take a minute or two so please don't type anything till you see "Setup Complete".



Mac and Ubuntu

sudo arcadier-setup


Setting up the development environment

Make a directory

Create a new folder where you would like to make your code.

Arcadier init

Open command line in this directory and run:

arcadier init

arcadier init

This is where you will be connecting your code to the firebase project you made earlier. Please input the exact values given below (You can also refer to the gif above).

  • Are you ready to proceed?
    • Y
  • Which Firebase CLI features do you want to set up for this folder? Press Space to select features, then Enter to confirm your choices.
    • Hosting: Configure and deploy Firebase Hosting sites
  • Select a default Firebase project for this directory:
    • Select the project you made earlier.
  • Select a default Firebase project for this directory:
    • Don't type anything and click enter
  • Configure as a single-page app (rewrite all urls to /index.html)? (This is very important)
    • N
  • Set up automatic builds and deploys with GitHub?
    • N

This will automatically create the following in your folder:

│   │   .firebaserc
│   │   .gitignore
│   │   firebase.json
│   │
│   ├───.firebase
│   │       hosting.cHVibGlj.cache
│   │
│   └───public
│       │   404.html
│       │   index.html
│       │
│       ├───admin
│       │   ├───css
│       │   ├───html
│       │   │      index.html
│       │   │
│       │   ├───images
│       │   └───scripts
│       │           scripts.js
│       │
│       ├───server-files
│       │       renderer.js
│       │
│       └───user
│           ├───css
│           ├───html
│           ├───images
│           └───scripts
│                   scripts.js
    │   └───html
    │         index.html

Upload the zip

You need to upload the file on your developer dashboard. If you have done everything perfectly, you should see "Deployed Successfully" on your plugin.

upload zip

Start Coding!!

Now you have everything ready to start coding. All your code will be written inside the host-files directory.

Admin Front-End

All Admin side Front-End code should be in the index.html file in host-files->public->admin->html->index.html.

Admin Back-End

All Admin side back-end code should be in the scripts.js file in host-files->public->admin->scripts->scripts.js. Don't forget to include a scripts tag with src="scripts/scripts.js" in your index.html.

Admin CSS

All Admin side CSS should be in the css folder in host-files->public->admin->css. Don't forget to include a link tag in with href="css/filename.css" in your index.html.

Admin Images

All Admin side images should be in the images folder host-files->public->admin->images.

User Back-End

All User side Back-End code should be in the scripts.js file in host-files->public->user->scripts->scripts.js.
Also note that you cannot add front-end, css or images to user side scripts.

Pushing Changes

Use the command to push all the changes:

arcadier deploy

looking at changes

Make sure you hard refresh (ctrl+shift+r) to see the changes


Once you are done developing your plugin, it's a good idea to disconnect it from firebase. Use the following command to create a zip file disconnected from firebase.

arcadier finalize



A toolset to help deploy updates to your plug-in easily and quickly to assist with a smoother testing experience for your plug-ins.







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