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These files contain the source code of Arcadier's internally developed Plug-Ins, because we love sharing. Each folder contains one separate Plug-In's source code.

Languages in the files

Since our Marketplaces are web apps, these plug-ins are coded in

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

File Structure

The file structure of each Plug-in's source code is very specific and is reflected in this repository. For example, the honestbee plug in has honestbee as root, with 2 subfolders admin and user.

admin contains the part of the code that executes for the marketplace administrator. user has the code that executes for the merchants and buyers.

How to install them as plug in

  1. Download the repository as .zip
  2. Extract everything.
  3. Choose the plug-in you want to install.
    • Honestbee,
    • Stripe, or
    • Mailchimp.
  4. Compress the admin and user folders together into a single root folder. It has to be this way.
  5. Upload the .zip folder on your Developer Dashboard.
  6. Log in to your marketplace.
  7. Navigate to Plug-in marketplace
  8. Locate the Plug-in and install it.
  9. Magic!