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Truffe 2

Truffe 2 is the new intranet for AGEPoly - The EPFL's students' association.


Truffe 2 is licensed under the BSD license. Check


Core developpers


  • Cedric Cook (Fixed a typo)
  • Yolan Romailler (Fixed a path)
  • Yann Beaud (Fixed VCARDs)


This is a standard django project. Python requirements are stored in truffe2/data/pip-reqs.txt.

This projects requires ImageMagick which can be obtained using brew install freetype imagemagick

You will need access to tequila (EPFL internal network is enough) to login.

No initial database is provided. To begin, grant yourself admin rights in the database after a first login, and create at least one unit.

South is used for migrations. Be careful, some models are created dynamically!

You will need a truffe2/app/ file with your local settings (database, etc.). A template is provided in truffe2/app/ According to which database driver you choose, install the corresponding python package, e.g. pip install mysql-python for MySQL.

Deployment scripts using fabric are located in the Deployment folder.

Example development environment setup

  1. Create a virtual Python environment: virtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python2 venv
  2. Activate it: . ./venv/bin/activate
  3. Install dependencies: pip install -r ./truffe2/data/pip-reqs.txt
  4. cp ./truffe2/app/{.dist,}
  5. Edit ./truffe2/app/ and set the database engine to django.db.backends.sqlite3 and database name to db.sqlite3
  6. To be apple to see the mails sent from the application, run a maildump instance on port 1025
  7. Go inside the truffe2 directory for the next steps: cd truffe2
  8. Create the database tables not managed by south with python syncdb
  9. On OSX, if you get ImportError: MagickWand shared library not found., it's probably because Python was not installed using MacPorts, you have to export MAGICK_HOME path. You should try to set the path with export MAGICK_HOME=/opt/local and go back to point 8.
  10. Create the database tables managed by south with python migrate
  11. Run the development server with python runserver
  12. Go to http://localhost:8000/ and log in with Tequila
  13. Give your user superuser rights with echo "update users_truffeuser set is_superuser=1 where id=1;" | sqlite3 db.sqlite3


L'intranet de l'AGEPoly - V2







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