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Yggdrasil network map
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Yggdrasil map

Forked from the code for ( on Hyperboria).

Sending your view of the network

This code reads a map of known nodes from (reachable over yggdrasil). You may alternatively generate your own view of the network by running a crawler script, but this may take some time (figuring out how to run it and use the results is left as an exercise to the user).

Web server

git clone
sudo apt-get install python-flask python-flup python-mysqldb python-pygraphviz python-networkx

cd yggdrasil-map/web
cp web_config.example.cfg web_config.cfg

You would need to edit to adjust the address/port the server listens on, and may want to edit the web_config.cfg file. Note that most of the options in web_config.cfg are unused after forking from the code, so this is mostly just a workaround until we have time to clean up this code.

Run web/ periodically to rerender nodes graph. You may want to customize reverse-proxy IP retrieval logic in

Web server with Docker

1. Copy files from contrib/Docker/ to your folder of choice.

2. Build image

Example folder is /docker/yggdrasil/map

sudo docker build -t Arceliar/yggdrasil-map /docker/yggdrasil/map/

3. Create container

Run with using Docker host network

sudo docker run --name yggdrasil-map -d --net host --restart always Arceliar/yggdrasil-map

You can also use other Docker networks

sudo docker run --name yggdrasil-map -d --net local --ip --ip6 fd80:deaf:1::3 --mac-address 02:42:01:00:00:03 -e HOST=fd80:deaf:1::3 -e PORT=80 --restart always Arceliar/yggdrasil-map
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