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An Arch Linux repository for security professionals and enthusiasts.

Done the Arch Way and optimized for i686, x86_64, ARMv6, ARMv7, and ARMv8.

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ArchStrike is a penetration testing and security layer on top of Arch Linux. We follow the Arch Linux standards very closely in order to keep our packages clean, proper and easy to maintain.

Our team is working very hard to maintain the repository and give you the best ArchStrike experience.

If you find any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us via github, IRC, twitter or email. Any feedback is appreciated.

Contact Info

Email us at:

Join the chat: irc://

Follow us on twitter:

Send us a pull request:

Check out our subreddit:

Please read our wiki pages before you ask something!


Contributions are very welcome. You can contribute at our github page

Just clone our repository with git clone then make your changes and submit it back to us via a pull request.

If you have more questions regarding contribution, you can check out our wiki page about this


Q: What difference does ArchStrike have from other penetration distributions?

A: We are a layer on top of ArchLinux that you can install and remove easily (so, you can use the repository as an extension to your already existing Archlinux repositories). We try and follow the Arch Linux standards when making our packages.

Q: Where can I download an ISO/OVA file?

A: You can download the latest releases from here.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Send us a mail, join our IRC channel or contact us via github.

Q: I am having trouble installing ArchStrike, can you help me?

A: Sure! Send us an email or join our IRC channel to get help from the developers.

Q: What is the archstrike-testing repository and do I need it?

A: The testing repository is merely a quality control mechanism we have in place. When new tools are added, they stay in testing until they are verified to be functioning correctly. The time a package spends in the testing repository depends on if the package was tested properly or not (so if you want something moved out of testing, test it and report it) . Most of the packages in testing build and work fine but some may have problems. If you want to have the full range of tools that we provide, go ahead and add the testing repository as well.