The Archain server and App Developer Toolkit.
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Archain Server

This repository holds the Archain server prototype, as well as the App Developer Toolkit (ADT) and the Archain testing framework, TNT/NO-VLNS.

Archain is a distributed, cryptographically verified permanent archive built on a cryptocurrency that aims to, for the first time, provide feasible data permanence. By leveraging our novel Blockweave datastructure, data is stored in a decentralised, peer-to-peer manner where miners are incentivised to store rare data.


In order to run the Archain server prototype and ADT, a recent (R20 and above) version of Erlang/OTP is required as well as a version of make.

Getting Started

To get started, simply download this repo. You can start an Archain server session simply by running make session.

You can learn more about building Archain ADT apps by checking out our documentation here.

You can also find detailed tutorials about building Archain apps and services on the Archain youtube channel.

For more information on the Archain project and to read our whitepaper visit

Caution: Archain is in active development. Please be aware that the API for the Archain ADT will likely be added to such that the current state is a subset of its future capabilities.

Ubuntu/Debian Linux Quickstart

You can download the Archain codebase, all dependencies and start mining straight away by opening a terminal and running:

curl | bash && cd archain && ./archain-server peer XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX mine

Don’t forget to change to the IP address you should have received in the backer email you received on November the 7th.


TNT (Tiny Network Tests) and NO-VLNS (Never Off Very Large Network Simulator) are the two halves of Archain's testing suite.

You can launch TNT by running make tnt and NO-VLNS by running make no-vlns.

More information on TNT and NO-VLNS can be found on our Medium blog.

App Developer Toolkit (ADT)

You can find separate documentation for the App Developer Toolkit here.


If you have questions or comments on the Archain you can get in touch by finding us on Twitter, Reddit, Discord or by emailing us at


The Archain project is released under GNU General Public License v2.0. See LICENSE for full license conditions.