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GUI Customization for RPG Maker VXAce
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Luna Engine Add-Ons
Luna Engine Battle Sample
Luna Engine Bug Fixes/Battle Luna
Luna Engine Configuration Scripts
Luna Engine Full Compatibility Scripts
▼ How to Use the Luna Engine.rb

Luna Engine VXA

The Luna Engine is a project by Archeia_Nessiah and Yami, with the amazing help of NeonBlack and rhyme, for RPG Maker VXAce. It is to create a series of scripts that will allow people to modify the GUIs present inside the game, whilst being easy to use and compatible with the majority of scripts.

This is a sample version of what Luna Engine can do. It is highly limited but should give you a good idea on how it works. This is for Non-Commercial Use only. If you want the Commercial Version, you can buy the Luna Engine on these two websites:

Luna Engine on Forum Store (w/ Reviews): Luna Engine on Store Page: Luna Engine on Steam:

Credits List

Yami and Archeia_Nessiah = for the Luna Engine.

Neonblack = if you are using his scripts.

rhyme = if you are using their scripts.

KGC = if you are using Bitmap Extension.

Vibrato = For Theo Allen SBS Battler Samples.

Sample Demo Credits

Modern Algebra = For Windowskin Changer.

Compatible Scripts

Default Battle System

Battle Engine Symphony

Yanfly Battle Engine

Jet's Viewed Battle System

Shaz's Mouse Script

Theo Allen SBS


Archeia Engine - CTB

Compatible (but might have issues)


Victor's Battle System

Galv Animated Battlers

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