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A retro styled 2D SHMUP written in Python/Pygame
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Protostriker M - Alpha Version

This is a single level alpha version of my horizontal shmup project.
Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress.


Windows Build only:
Run "ProtostrikerM.exe" to play

Source code version only:
This version requires Python version 2.7 or 2.5 and the corresponding version of 
Pygame to be installed before playing. Many OS come with Python installed, but it can be found
Pygame can be found at 
Install Python, then Pygame, then run in the ProtostrikerM folder to play

Note: As of this writing, this game is untested on non-windows platforms.

This game supports both keyboard and gamepad control

Enter/Start button - Pause/Confirm menu selection
Arrow keys/D-pad - Move ship/menu cursor
Z key/gamepad button 1 - shoot/confirm menu selection

Controls can be redeifined for the keyboard and gamepad in the options menu.

Fullscreen/Windowed mode can be toggled in the options menu.

Game by Will Taplin
All art, sound, and music by Will Taplin
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