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My notes for the fantastic book: Land of Lisp
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My Land of Lisp Notes

The files in this repo are the abundance of notes I took while reading through Conrad Barski’s fantastic book Land of Lisp.

I went through the book quite a while ago, though I’ve ended up sending my notes to quite a few people so far, so why not make a repository for them?

The repo contains primarily Org files with live Lisp code blocks in them. So, while you can read it all on GitHub (Which has incomplete Org support), I highly recommend viewing the files in Emacs so you can play with the blocks of code and click all the links in the documents.

Now, a quick rundown of the files I have in the repo (They aren’t exactly alphabetical):

The notes

Other Files

  • Experiments: Just a few boring experiments with some neat features.
  • CLISP thingies: I used SBCL for most of the book, and this file had an explanation of some of the CLISP-specific code in it.
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