Terran Bot for the Sc2 AI ladder at http://sc2ai.net/
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The Terran bot plays macro bio. A notable feature is the drop play.

The bot won season 3 of the Starcraft 2 AI Ladder and is on top of the elo based ladder since the start of season 4. The version you see here on Github is always the same version I have sent to the Starcraft 2 AI Ladder.

The bot has a fair chance to beat the inbuilt insane AI (sc2::Difficulty::CheatInsane) if it is not Terran. At the moment it has the following win:loss ratio:

  • Terran: 8 : 39
  • Zerg: 37 : 10
  • Protoss: 41 : 6

If you use my bot as sparing partner for your bot (this is my intention with uploading it to Github) feel free to drop me a message in the discord channel https://discord.gg/qTZ65sh Archiatrus#3053

The starting point of this bot was the CommandCenter bot by David Churchill cloned mid November 2017.


For more explicit instructions that hopefully still work, see the Commandcenter Readme. General steps are listed below. Remember to make a recursive clone to get the used submodules.


  1. Install SC2 via the Blizzard app. Update it.
  2. Install VS2017 Community.
  3. Build s2client-api and know where the includes and libs are.
  4. Use VS2017 and open vs/5minBot.sln. To get it building:
  • You might have to retarget the Windows SDK by right clicking on the project and clicking Retarget...
  • You will have to make sure the include and lib paths are right by right clicking on the project, choosing Properties and changing the VC++ include and libs to point to the right path. An easy way to get it right is to have 5minBot in the same level directory as s2client-api, since it uses relative paths.
  1. Release vs. Debug
  • For use with Sc2LadderServer, use Release. The binary will be in bin/5minBot.exe.
  • For debugging locally, use Debug and SC2 should automatically launch when you click the run button. You will probably want to skip the intro, exit fullscreen, and enable HP bars by pressing ' if you haven't already.


  1. Install cmake and have some g++ (tested with g++ 7.3.0) and make.
  2. Run cmake . and then make in the root directory.
  3. The binary for use with Sc2LadderServer will be in bin/5minBot.exe. If you want to debug with gdb you can add a target in the CMakeLists.txt (and please send a PR).