Installation manual

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Thanks for choosing Archipel and welcome to the installation manual! This page will explain how to install Archipel, from the nightly build or from the sources.


Central services

Archipel requires some central services to be available. They do not have to be running on the same machine.

ejabberd (XMPP server)

You can find a binary installer of ejabberd at, or just install it through your system's package manager. It must be at least version 15.04 but newer version are recommanded. At this time, Archipel only supports ejabberd as its XMPP server. If you want to integrate your setup into an existing XMPP environment, you can use S2S to connect to another kind of XMPP server.

Configure ejabberd

You will need to add some modules for ejabberd (mod_admin_extra) that may or may not be included in your ejabberd distribution. Then, the default configuration of ejabberd needs some small adjustments and you can find a sample of ejabberd.yaml. It is strongly recommended that you use all the options listed here.

Then, follow these instructions:

Central agent

Install this Python daemon on your ejabberd server to unlock some extra Archipel functionality, such as Platform Requests.

Follow this link for installation instructions.

Archipel Client hosting

The client is a self-contained Web application. You can deliver it through your web server of choice, or you can skip this entirely and use our hosted version. You just have to be sure that you can reach your xmpp server / hypervisors (for VNC) from the machine running the UI (in your browser).

Archipel installation

Fetching application

The nightlies

Archipel's master is automatically bundled at new commits. If you just want to use Archipel, you should use the latest nightly build. The nightlies are located at It is very easy to install as you don't need to have the Cappuccino development environment installed.

  • Download this Archive for the Client
  • Download this Archive for the Agent

You can be notified when a new Nightly is published by using this RSS Feed:

Source code

Then you can clone the repo. You'll need a recent version of Git (at least 1.6.5) to download all submodules properly.

git clone git://

Installing the application

To get up and running with Archipel, you will need to install the client (Archipel GUI) on your web server. Follow this link: Installation: Client

To set up your hypervisors, you have 2 options:

  • You can install Archipel Agent on your existing hypervisor(s): Installation: Agent
  • You can boot your hypervisors with Archipel Node Stateless OS, provided and officially supported by the Archipel project. These are stateless Linux environments booting via your network. It is the most convenient way to set up a large number of Archipel hypervisors.