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Archive Team Warrior buildpack for Heroku

This buildpack can be used to run warrior projects on Heroku. It includes the Python seesaw kit, a recent version of Wget+Lua and an Rsync binary compiled for Heroku.

You'll need the Heroku Toolbelt:

Create an empty Git repository for your application. You don't need any code.

git init yourapp
cd yourapp
git commit --allow-empty -m "First commit."

Create your Heroku application and specify this buildpack:

heroku apps:create --buildpack

Set two configuration variables (with heroku config:set):

WARRIOR_PROJECT      the URL to the Git repository of the project
WARRIOR_DOWNLOADER   your nickname



You can optionally set:

WARRIOR_CONCURRENT   the number of concurrent items (default: 2)
WARRIOR_MAX_ITEMS    the number of items to download before
                     restarting the instance (default: 100)

                     set this to a lower value if the tasks
                     take a long time, or if you want to cycle
                     your instances faster.

Push your application to Heroku. You'll see the installation messages:

git push -u heroku master

Start an instance of the 'seesaw' process:

heroku ps:scale seesaw=1

Check the logs to see if your seesaw process works:

heroku logs --tail
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