Wget-compatible web downloader and crawler.
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Wpull is a Wget-compatible (or remake/clone/replacement/alternative) web downloader and crawler.

A dog pulling a box via a harness.

Notable Features:

  • Written in Python: lightweight, modifiable, robust, & scriptable
  • Graceful stopping; on-disk database resume
  • PhantomJS & youtube-dl integration (experimental)


Wpull uses Python 3.

Once Python is installed, download Wpull from PyPI using pip:

pip3 install wpull

For detailed installation instructions and potential caveats, please see https://wpull.readthedocs.io/en/master/install.html.

Example Commands

To download the About page of Google.com:

wpull google.com/about

To archive a website:

wpull billy.blogsite.example \
    --warc-file blogsite-billy \
    --no-check-certificate \
    --no-robots --user-agent "InconspiuousWebBrowser/1.0" \
    --wait 0.5 --random-wait --waitretry 600 \
    --page-requisites --recursive --level inf \
    --span-hosts-allow linked-pages,page-requisites \
    --escaped-fragment --strip-session-id \
    --sitemaps \
    --reject-regex "/login\.php" \
    --tries 3 --retry-connrefused --retry-dns-error \
    --timeout 60 --session-timeout 21600 \
    --delete-after --database blogsite-billy.db \
    --quiet --output-file blogsite-billy.log

To see all options:

wpull --help


Documentation is located at https://wpull.readthedocs.io/. Please have a look at it before using Wpull's advanced features.


Need help? Please see our Help page which contains frequently asked questions and support information.

The issue tracker is located at https://github.com/chfoo/wpull/issues.


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Contributions and feedback are greatly appreciated.


Copyright 2013-2016 by Christopher Foo and others. License GPL v3.

This project contains third-party source code licensed under different terms:

  • wpull.backport.logging
  • wpull.thirdparty.robotexclusionrulesparser
  • wpull.thirdparty.dammit

We would like to acknowledge the authors of GNU Wget as Wpull uses algorithms from Wget.