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layout: default
title: Señor Contento's Blog
project: Señor Contento's Blog
description: This is Señor Contento's blog where he posts about whatever is on his mind.
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<!--I will be adding a fancy little search engine using a combination of jekyll and javascript when I come up with some escape safe lag free code-->
<p>My Blog has a <a href="/blog/atom.xml">RSS (Atom) Feed</a> which you should subscribe to. If you like traditional style indexes, you should go <a href="index_traditional.html">here</a>.</p>
<h2>Blog Posts - Total: {{ paginator.total_posts }}</h2>
<ul class="posts">
{% for post in paginator.posts %}
<li><span>{{ | date_to_string }}</span> » <a href="{{ post.url }}" title="{{ post.title }}">{{ post.title }}</a></li>
{% assign counter = counter | plus: 1 %}
{% endfor %}
{% if != 1 %}
<a href="{{ paginator.previous_page_path }}">Go to Page {{ paginator.previous_page }}</a>
{% endif %}
Blog Index Page {{ }}/{{ paginator.total_pages }}
{% if != paginator.total_pages %}
<a href="{{ paginator.next_page_path }}">Go to Page {{ paginator.next_page }}</a>
{% endif %}
<p>This blog is split into {{ site.categories | size | minus: 1 }} categories, so you can click a category to help you find a subject of interest.</p>
{% for category in site.categories %}
{% unless forloop.first %}
<a href="/blog/{{ category | first }}">{{ category | first | capitalize}}</a>
{% endunless %}
{% endfor %}
<!--This is where you can find the obscure, hard to find jekyll (actually liquid) code at>
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