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Bucket List
Señor's Wishes in Life
This is a bucket list of things I really want to do before I die!

This is a separate list from my wishlist. The wishlist is a list of items I want, this a list of things I want to do before I die!


  • Not Done Yet
    • Description/Explanation
  • Currently Being Worked On
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  • Already Done
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  • Brit Accent
    • I basically want to be able to imitate different accents such as British Accent and maybe some cartoon and movie characters!
  • Long hair
    • I have seen one of my friends named AJ and he has long hair and still looks like a man. I want to try it out so I can see if I like long hair or not.
  • left hand
    • I would like to be able to fully equally write well with both my left hand and my right hand.
  • long board
    • I have tried AJ's long board and I like it. I am not very good with it, so I need to get my own and practice.
  • Magic pen
    • This is the only company related item on the bucket list, the rest are usually separate. This is basically the tool I would build with nanobots and it would function as a "magic" pen. It would be magic since it will be more complex than normal computers and normal computers already seem like magic to most people.
  • Bungee cord (Not the server)
    • There is a Minecraft server proxy named Bungeecord. I am talking about the physical activity of jumping with a rope (bungee cord, not regular rope - Remember Henry Stickman)!
  • Sky diving
    • This is a really cool activity that I would love to do. I mean it seems scary, but you have a parachute and if I live in fear all my life, then I will never grab what I want.
  • Actually fall in love with someone and don't ignore it (make sure The Lord chose her)
    • ???
  • Find undeniable proof of The Lord (e.g. more than just some text in a book)
    • The Lord is all around, now you can make up all the evidence you want against it and believe it, but that doesn't make him any less real. It is so easy to get caught up in trying to prove him and disprove him that you fail to see him right in front of you.
  • Become happy
    • One of those things that I both hate and admire about commercials is that they used to promise more productivity, but now they promise how much fun, love, hapiness you can get with their product. That isn't going to give me true happiness. Now, the commercials do make a great point. You need friends you can count on. This isn't going to happen overnight.
  • Try a glider
    • Gliding sounds cool just like sky diving! Sure, it's a different sport, but it still sounds really cool!
  • Become physically fit (be able to run quickly for an extended period of time)
    • This one is something more of I have to actually make myself care about it. The only two reasons it is in progress is because I had it on this bucketlist and my friend Amanda gave me an opportunity to make a plan that I won't hate. She says her major requires her to know how to do so and she offered a few of us this opportunity, so I am taking it. Now, I would like to be able to run quickly for an extended period of time, be able to lift heavy weights, and work on my muscles such as those around my abdomen.
  • Find a real good friend that is much closer than family
    • This sortof goes under the happiness item on the checklist. I want to have friends that will be there for me for life. I can say, I do now have a few really good friends such as the ones from House Church, Peer Leadership, FCA, and from Wesley Church! I hope to strengthen these relationships!
  • Watch Dr. Strange
    • It features Benedict Cumberbatch. He was in Sherlock Holmes! I love his acting!
  • Learn how to do flips and other cool moves (like a ninja)
    • Now who wouldn't want a ninja grandpa! I want to be that ninja grandpa!
  • Rewatch Lion King
    • People make a lot of quotes from this movie and although I have seen this movie, I cannot remember any of the scenes from it.
  • escape room real life (Not too exciting unless with friends)
    • This was an idea that I had since of those escape room games, and now I have done so for my 19th birthday as my mom found the 3 Keys Escape Game and reserved it. It came as a suprise to me as I didn't mention anything about this to her or anybody else.
  • Get a hat
    • I have wanted a hat for a really long time and now I have multiple hats.
  • Go Skiing
    • I have been wanting to go skiing since I found out about a skiing trip from my pastor during Fall Retreat. It was a great trip even despite me landing myself in a river while doing the reverse pizza.
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