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Developers and Organizations
Developers and Organizations
These are the accounts I use when organizing my work on Github.

This page lists all the developers and organizations that SenorContento knows work together and are connected on this site and throughout the projects.


  • Developer's Page
  • Brandon Gomez, also known as bgbrandongomez is the original developer of CubeTech, LLC. He has many great ideas and wants to work on them all. One problem is, he doesn't have time to work on them all, and he thinks of so many project ideas, he keeps forgetting other projects, which is why he puts them all on Github now to mitigate that problem.

CubeTech, LLC

  • Developer's Page
  • CubeTech, LLC is the company Brandon was starting. It is the base of where his project ideas are being developed and CubeTech's Github repositories are where he stores most of his projects.


  • Developer's Page
  • SenorContento is the head and CEO of fun and CubeTech, LLC. Fun, is not actually a company, but it is what SenorContento is all about. He makes fun projects whether it is about Minecraft or some other game or other fun, project, he is the one to work on it.
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