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Features Being Worked On
Features Being Worked On
These are features that I am planning on implementing on my site.

This is a To-Do list for Brandon to use to know what features he needs to add to his site and blog. Sometimes the list will not make sense to the public as this list is not really meant for the public, but he is releasing it to the public anyway for anyone that wanted to know about the future of the site.


  • javascript search engine
  • Write code for the blog editor.
  • Possibly incorporate a Bible verse tag so as to automatically style pre and inline styles. (e.g. verse name such as Phillipians 1:21 is an abbreviation to youversion and then the quote right after for inline and also for multiline, probably after 100 characters or manual specification (more likely) then make it blockquote just like with pre tag)
  • Copy Paste automatic emoji
  • Allow Show Desktop Site to Override Settings on Custom Tags
  • Fix rotation resizing of slides and YouTube shadowdom.
  • Make non-ShadowDom portions of site for compatibility with certain browsers such as the 3ds.
  • Flickr and Social Media support
  • Fix rotation on Internship page
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