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Current Arctic Scenario list with Description (As of July 16th, 2022) Completed At the Moment, made by zac083. His Discord zac083#1977:


(H) = Represents this Scenario has a high impact rating on the game.

(L) = Represents this Scenario has a low impact rating on the game.

(Not comb.) = This scenario cannot be combined with other scenarios.

Admin Scen = The host must get an admin's permission to host this scenario


Ever wanted to host your own game on Arctic, with your amazing friends, maybe with a custom scenario you made? Our dedicated admins can help you host your custom game, Private Game, or Recorded Round with a custom scenario!


Iron Kit

You will receive iron armor along with an iron sword, fishing rod, bow, 3 golden apples and 48 arrows to fight against your opponent!


You will be iron gear with Projectile Protection 2 and Protection 2. You will have 4 golden apples and 2 golden heads. You will also have an iron sword with sharpness one and a bow with power 1, and a stack and a half of arrows. (96 arrows).

UHC+ Kit

You will receive Protection 2 Diamond helmet, Diamond Chest-plate, and Diamond boots. You will also receive Projectile Protection 3 Iron leggings. You will have 2 stacks of arrows, along with a Sharpness 2 Diamond sword, and a power 2 bow. For your healing, you will have 6 golden apples and 3 golden heads.

Archer Kit

This will test your bow skills, You will receive an Infinity bow with 1 arrow. You will be wearing leather armor with Projectile Protection for this kit.


100 Hearts (H)

Everyone will start with 100 hearts!!! Golden apples will heal 20% of your max health.

Absorption Switch (L)

By left clicking on a golden apple, it will either switch to giving 2 hearts of absorption and 0 hearts of healing or the golden apple with heal 2 hearts without the absorption. Golden heads, when toggled to absorption on, will give out 2 hearts and heal whatever the host set the regeneration for golden heads (3-4 hearts). When absorption is toggled off, it will heal the normal health the golden head regeneration is set at.

Achievement Hunters (H)

When you earn a certain achievement, you will either be rewarded or penalized for earning that achievement. /alist is the command. Heads for this game are disabled and only available through 2 achievements.

Achievement Paranoia (L)

If a player earns a specific achievement in normal Minecraft, the achievement will show, with who earned it and where they earned it.

Achievements (H)

When you earn a normal achievement in normal Minecraft, you will either gain more attack, walking speed, (both in code) or gain 1 heart.

Alone Together (L)

You are not able to see your own teammates.

Amplified Terrain (H)

The terrain will have giant mountains to climb and navigate around.

Anvil Progression (L)

Any time you kill a player, you will get 1 use of the anvil. The more kills you accumulate, the more uses of the anvil you can use.

Anonymous (L)

Players will be disguised as an IGN (Currently "Unknown") and players will not be able to tell who is who. The health on tab is disabled. The normal chat and death messages will contain the players in game.

Aquaphobia (H)

The world is an abandoned city with water rising from Y:32 to Y:80. Whenever you craft a helmet you will get Respiration 3 and Aqua Affinity and when you craft boots, you will get Depth Strider 3.

Armageddon (L)

THE WORLD IS ENDING!!! Blocks and objects will fall from the sky, this will include: Gravel, Gold Nuggets, Splash potions that will damage you, lava, etc.

Armor Compensation (L)

The amount of teammates remaining determine the number of diamond armor each teammate can wear. If you are a solo, you can wear full, Teams of 2 3/4ths Diamond, Teams of 3 is Half Diamond, and Teams of 4 is one piece diamond armor.

Assassins (H)

At PvP, you will receive a target, that is your target until the target dies, then it switches to another target. If you manage to kill your target, they will drop all of their loot. If you kill a player that is not your target, then nothing will drop but their head. You need to craft a Compass in order to track your target.

Assault and Battery (H) (Team of 2 only!)

1 player can do damage with melee and the other can do damage with ranged weapons. If your teammate dies, then you will be able to use melee and ranged weapons.

Astrophobia (H)

Meteors will fall from the world creating craters and exploding the world. It will leave a hole in the earth and if you're lucky, it'll leave 2 gold or a diamond in the crater. The creepers will now be supercharged and deal more damage and explode faster. If you manage to kill one, there is a possibility to receive their spawn egg. The skeletons are the aliens and will shoot their "lasers" and it'll deal more damage. It will always be night time, not day time.

Australia (H, no comb.)

In this gamemode, each individual will be set as a different animal that lives in the continent of Australia. For more information about the animals and their powers, use the command /scen and click on the scenario called Australia.

Backpacks (L)

You will have the ability to open your backpack, (/bp) to gain an extra 27 inventory slots for yourself. If you die with items in your backpack, they will fall to the floor.

Balance (L)

After mining 8 diamonds, it will be harder to mine more diamonds. After mining 48 gold, it will be harder to mine more gold.

Bald Chicken (L)

Chickens do not drop feathers in this scenario, instead skeletons will drop 10-20 arrows upon their death.

Barebones (H)

Your best tier of mining is Iron, you cannot mine Gold or Diamonds, or obtain any anvils or enchant tables. If you kill a player, they will drop 1 diamond, a golden apple, 2 string and 32 arrows.

Bats (L)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

Whenver you kill a bat there is a 99% chance that you get 1 Golden Apple and a 1% chance to be instantly dead.

Battle Royale

🔴 This is an Admin Scenario. If this scenario needs to be hosted, a host must ask an admin to enable the scenario for them.

You are allowed to team up with anyone but only 1 will win. All skeleton, spider, and chicken drop rates have been decreased by 50%. Cobwebs will only drop str 10% of the time. You cannot talk in chat or message players, and no death messages will show. Every 20 minutes, you will get a notification in chat as to who has died. Whenever a player dies, their body will be on the floor of where they died.

Battle Siren (L)

Whenever a player starts fighting another player, it will shows the general coordinates of where the fight is currently happening.

Bed Bombs (L)

When you place down a bed and right click it, the bed will explode. It'll explode in every world. (Overworld, Nether, and End.)

BestPvE (L)

Every 10 minutes, if you have not taken damage yet, you will gain a heart. If you take damage, then you are off the list. The only way to get back onto the list is to kill a player.

Beta 1.7 Terrain (H)

The terrain will be based off of the generated terrain in the version Beta 1.7.

Beta Zombies (L)

Instead of zombies dropping Rotten Flesh, instead they drop 0-2 feathers.

Big Crack (L)

The Big crack is located at X:0 or Z:0 and it a giant crack to the void with a 25 block radius.

Biome Bundle (H)

The map is generated with custom terrain and custom structures from the mod Biome Bundle.

Biome Paranoia (L)

On tab your name has a color, that color represents the biome you are in. To check the biomes, use /bl

Birds (H)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

All players are allowed to fly in the game. Fall damage will be disabled.

Black Plague (H)

Over time, the land becomes deceased and dead. It kills off any passive mob and gives hostile mobs a buff. Silverfish spawn naturally in the deceased area. While you are in the dead land, all the healing that you heal with will be halved. If you get hit by an aggressive mob in the dead land, there is a chance the negative effect gets to you for a certain time. If you have this negative effect and shoot/melee another player, they too will receive the negative effect. Credit for the organizers of Back in Time (BiT) for the idea!

Blast Mining (H)

Whenever you mine an ore, even nether quartz, there is a 5% chance the a creeper will spawn on you. There is also a 3% chance of ignited TNT spawning on you. This will not happen at the same time, you'll just have to face it one way or another.

Bleeding Sweets (L)

Whenever a player dies, they will drop a diamond, 5 gold, a book, 1 string, 16 arrows.

Blind Dates (H)

You start off as a team of 2, but at PvP, you will receive a wool, banner, or a firework. If you find a team of 2 with that same color, then you are on the same team! (Similar to Mystery Teams).

Block Battle (L)

Every 10 minutes, the player with the most unique blocks in their inventory will win 4 diamonds. If it's a tie, no one wins!

Block Rush (L)

Whenever you mine a different type of block, you will be rewarded with 1 gold ingot.

Blood Brothers (H) (Teams of 2 only!)

Whenever you eat a gap, head, or health potion, it will your teammate instead of you.

Blood Cycle (H)

Every 10 minutes the Blood cycle will target an ore that you that has a chance to make you lose lose half a heart. The cycle of ores is random and it includes the following: Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapis, Emerald, and Diamond. If you're lucky, the game will have a "no ore," meaning that no ores will do half a heart to you.

Blood Diamonds (L)

Every time you mine a diamond ore, you will lose half a heart.

Blood Enchants (L)

Every time you enchant an item, you will lose half a heart.

Blood Lapis (H)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

Whenever you mine lapis ore, you will lose 0.5 hearts. The lapis will only drop 1-2 lapis.

Blood Market (L)

The first 8 players, selected by the person who does the command /codeward <Code word> or manually selected by the host, will be selected. However, the owners will have 500 hearts to bid on for players. It'll be bid by heart points. Command to bid is /bid <Number of heart points>. The heart points will be half a heart. If you bid a player for 1 heart point, you're bidding the player for .5 hearts. The remaining hearts the owner has left, that will be their max health throughout the game.

Blood Market Double Packaging (L)

The first 8 players, selected by the person who does the command /codeward <Code word> or manually selected by the host, will be selected. However, the owners will have 500 hearts to bid on for players. Owners will be bidding for 2 people at once, and the 2 people that are selected are completely randomized. It'll be bid by heart points. Command to bid is /bid <Number of heart points>. The heart points will be half a heart. If you bid a player for 1 heart point, you're bidding the player for .5 hearts. The remaining hearts the owner has left, that will be their max health throughout the game

Bombers (H)

Everybody will have an unbreakable Flint and Steel, and most of the animals and monsters/mobs that you kill, will drop Dynamite/TNT.

BowFighters (H)

Everybody will start off with an infinity book, an arrow and two string. You most powerful weapon can be a stone axe or wooden sword.

Bowless (L)

Bows are disabled! You cannot craft, use, nor obtain bows!

Break at First Block (L)

Breaking your first block will add you to a team with other people who broke the same block as you. Once a team is full, anyone trying to break a similar block as you will not be added to a team. Once you are added to a team, you cannot leave a team.

Breakup (L)

Before the start of the game, players on a big team, will be separated into smaller teams.

Cannibalism (L)

Whenever you eat a player head, you will gain 1 empty heart. This heart will be permanent and will not go away.

Captains (L)

The captains are either picked by the host or chosen randomly and they pick players that they want on their team. (Order is snake draft. I.E. 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1.)

Carrot Combo (H)

Whenever you craft a sword, it'll give you a carrot with the equivalent attack damage that sword has. (Wood and Gold = Sharp 2 Carrot. Stone = Sharp 3. Iron = Sharp 5. Diamond = Sharp 6.)

Catacombs (H, not comb.)

There will be several layers underground that replicate the surface in the game!

Children Left Unattended (L)

Whenever a teammate dies, each player on that team earns a speed potion and a tamed wolf.

Chump Charity (L)

Every 10 minutes, the person who is on the lowest health gets fully healed.

Chunk Apocalypse (H, not comb.)

Every chunk, within the UHC world, has a 10% of replacing EVERY block with an air block. (You can fall into the void by the way!)

Chunk Biomes (H)

Each chunk has its separate biome. These chunks have slime blocks on the edges to separate the biomes from its chunk.

City World (H)

Instead of a normal UHC world, the whole world is replaced in a City, meaning Mineshafts, Buildings, Sewers, etc.

Compensation (H)

When a teammate dies, their total health is divided to the remaining teammates. For example, if one teammate dies, and they're on a team of 3, the other 2 teammates will gain and regenerate 5 hearts. And if the other teammate dies, the solo player will receive the dead teammates 15 hearts, and have a total of 30 hearts. When you craft arrows, you'll get 16 per craft instead of the normal 4. Golden Apples heal 20% of your current total health, while Golden Heads heal 40% of your health. (If you have 20 hearts, the golden apple will heal 4 hearts and the Golden Head will heal 8.)

Corrupt Kings (H)

Every team will have a king. The king will be unknown to the team, each time a teammate dies, the king gets their hearts. The king will have 20 hearts and strength once all of their teammates have died. The goal of the team is to kill the king and the king's goal is to kill their team members.

Craftable Absorption (L)

Absorption is off by default. When you have made a golden apple. If you surround the golden apple with 4 more gold, then it will become an Absorption Golden Apple. (This does not work with Absorption Golden Heads)

Craftable Teleportation (L)

Everyone in the game will start with 1 ender pearl. By renaming the ender pearl with in an anvil with the exact IGN of a player that is alive in the game, once you throw the ender pearl, you will be teleported 50 blocks away from the player's location. (You can be in a cave or on surface)

Craft Clean (L)

In a crafting table, if you piece of coal or charcoal and surround the fuel with any smeltable item, you will get its smelted result.

Cryophobia (H, not comb.)

You will spawn in an icy/snowy world. Skeletons will wear leather armor and will shoot snowballs, and if they hit you, you take a decent amount of damage. As the game progresses, the ice rise. The ice will start at Y:0 at the start of the game, and it will continue to rise as the game goes on. The ice will stop rising when meetup is called and when the ice reaches the surface.

Cupid (L)

Every time you shoot and hit a player with your bow, you gain 1% of your health back.

Custom 0.0 (H)

The map at 0,0 will be customized by the host!

CutClean (L)

All ores and animal food will be dropped in it's smelted version.

Damage Cycle (H)

Every 10 minutes, the damage cycle will change. If you take that same type of damage from what the cycle said, you will take 3 times the damage. To check the damage type you need to avoid, do /current

Dead Biomes (L)

Every 10 minutes, a new biome will be announced as a "Dead Biome". If players are in that biome, they will receive Slowness 1 and Weakness 1 and for every minute they stay in the biome, they will lose 1 heart.

Demolition (H)

Most of the ores/blocks, have been replaced with TNT. As you decrease your Y level, more TNT will spawn will spawn in more veins and frequencies. If you place down TNT, it will instantly ignite it. Enderman will have TNT in their hands and creepers and super charged creepers and more likely to spawn. Most of the skeletons will have flame bows that will ignite the TNT. There is also no bedrock in the world so you can fall into the void!!!

Depths (L)

As your Y level goes down, the monsters will get stronger and stronger.

Diamondless (H)

When you mine a diamond, the diamond will not drop, instead a piece of iron will drop it. No diamonds will be dropped when a player dies.

Dolphins (L)

If you swim in the water, you swim speed increases, making you swim like a dolphin. You cannot drown in the water

Double Big Crack (L)

Upon the X:0 and Z:0 coordinates will lie 2 giant cracks, these cracks go all the way to the border. Also, beware of the void, you can get killed down there.

Double Dates (L)

You and another player will be paired up randomly with another team of 2 before the start of the game.

Double Healing (H)

All golden apples, golden heads, and instant health pots will heal twice as much. If absorption is enabled, then it will give you 3 absorption hearts instead of 4.

Double Moles (H)

Instead of one mole on the team, there will now be 2 moles on your team to worry about. The moles are the people who must betray their team in order to meet up with other moles in the game. They will get kits to help betray their team quicker.

Double or Nothing (L)

Whenever you mine iron, gold, emerald, or diamonds, there is a 50% chance that you get 2 ores, or you get nothing!

Double Slimy Crack (L)

Coordinates of X:0 and Z:0 will have 2 cracks, that go to the border, with slime blocks underneath to break your fall. Players can also break the Slime blocks and send people to the void!!!

Do Not Disturb (L)

If you hit a player, it will lock you with that player, or team for 15 seconds. Every time you hit that player or team, the timer will refresh until the 15 seconds are up and can be attacked by another player or team. When you kill a player, you will be able to safely get the items for 60 seconds.

Drafters (L)

This is a captains mode that instead of picking people freely, you're restricted from picking a list of 5 people at random. This way, everyone will get accepted. Same captains rules apply. Players get chosen to be captain and take turns to pick players to form their team!

Dragon Rush (H)

At 0,0 lays a portal to the end. But 3 eyes of ender are missing from the portal. The goal is to race and defeat the dragon! The nether will be on but trapping and camping the nether portal will be off.

Dungeoneering (H)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

Ore rates have been dropped except redstone, lapis, and emerald will spawn more frequently in caves. Dungeons in caves will spawn more frequently. There is no bedrock and TNT veins spawn. If you place the TNT it will automatically ignite.

Eggs (H)

You start the game with 3 eggs and when you throw them any mob/animal in the game can come out of the egg. You can get more eggs from chickens when they lay them.

Eight Legged Freaks (H)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

All hostile mobs will be replaced with Spiders with different abilities and powers.

Elements (H, not comb. BROKEN)

Each player will get an ability, either water, earth, fire, and air. This scenario was created by the group of Ambition.

Enchanted Death (L)

You cannot craft enchanting tables. When a player dies, they will drop an enchanting table. (Please Note: You will be Disqualified of you team-kill your teammates for an enchanting table.)

Enchant Paranoia (L)

The enchant preview will be disabled. When you enchant an item, it will be enchanted with the enchantment name "???".

Ender Dance (H)

IT'S A RACE TO THE DRAGON! Wait, it's not. The goal of this scenario is to be on top of one of the dragon's healing pillars and destroy one of them. Then if you have a music disk and a jukebox, you must place a jukebox on one of the pillars and put the music disk in the jukebox to win the game! Same rules apply with Dragon Rush (3 Eyes of ender missing).

End Meetup (L)

Once the game has reached it's Meetup phase, players will be frozen and teleported into the end. PvP will be disabled for about 10-15 seconds. Then the fight happens. After 10 mins, the dragon will spawn if the game is not completed.

Enemy Recon (L)

Whenever you get a kill you will earn 1 recon. This recon will allow you to spy on what the player has in terms of inventory and information. By using the command /er it will use 1 recon, and it has a 30% chance of broadcasting in chat on who you are spying on.

Experienced Crafter (H)

If you want to craft a certain item, it will cost you levels to craft it. (An Iron sword, bow, golden apple, or golden head, and a diamond pick costs 1 Experience Level. Crafting Iron Armor will cost 2 Experience Levels. Crafting an Anvil or A Diamond sword will cost 3 Experience Levels. Crafting Diamond Armor will cost 5 Experience Levels. Crafting an Enchant Table will cost 6 Experience Levels. And Lastly: Crafting a Brewing Stand will cost 10 Experience Levels.)

Extreme Mobs (H, not comb.)

Upon when monsters are spawning: There is a 1% chance that whenever a zombie spawns, it will become a Giant Zombie. If you manage to kill it, it will drop 4 gold. There is a 5% chance that Creepers will spawn on top of a spider and will ride it. You can call this a Creeper Jockey. For creepers, again, there is a 10% that when you explode a creeper, it will set fire around the exploded area. For creepers, for a third time, there is a 10% chance that when they explode, it will spawn 3 silverfish around them. For witches, there is a 50% chance that they will be flying. (Meaning that the Witches will spawn on top of a bat.)

Fallout (H)

If you are not below Y:60 after 45 minutes in the game, you will take half a heart every 30 seconds you stay on the surface.

Fast Getaway (L)

Whenever you kill a player, you will gain 45 seconds of speed 2. If you get hit or hit another player by bow or sword, 5 seconds when you get the Speed 2, you will lose the Speed.

Fast Smelting (L)

Items in the furnace will only take 1 second to smelt per item.

Feather Boots (L)

When you craft leather boots, using feathers instead of leather, it will have feather falling 4 upon crafting them.

Fireless (L)

All Fire damage (Includes lava and fire swords), will not do damage to you.

Flat World (H, not comb.)

The world will be completely Flat, and it's surface will be Y:5. Village rates will be upped, for you to survive a bit more easily.

Flippers (L)

When you craft golden boots, it will automatically have Depth Strider 3.

Flooded (H)

ALL of the world's air blocks between Y:32 to Y:70 will all be covered in water. Players will receive a Depth Strider 3 book and a Aqua Affinity book, some sugar cane, a couple of spawn eggs, for food, leather, and feathers. Players will also receive the permanent potion particles of Water breathing and Night Vision. Oh yea, one more thing, it will rain and the host can not toggle the rain off, it will be raining constantly.

Flower Power (H, not comb.)

Whenever you break a flower, you will gain a random item up to a stack of 64, 32, or 16, depending on the item. You will have 30 seconds to pick up the item from the flower you picked. After the 30 seconds, the item picked from the flower will despawn.

Football Edition (H, not comb.)

Each player on a team will be given a specific position in the game. Whether that would be Goalkeeper, Right or Left Defender, Midfielders or Forwards. For more information about what powers you receive for each position.

Frozen In Time (H)

All the Current movement in water and lava will not flow. Gravel, sand, cacti, and sugarcane will be uneffected by gravity. Leaves will not decay. Your only way of getting apples is through shearing leaves

Gap Zap (L)

If you take damage while you are regenerating from a golden apple or head, the regeneration cancels.

Gapple Roulette (L)

Whenever you eat a Golden Apple, you will get a random potion effect for a certain time.

Generous Admin (H)

Every so often, the host or a staff member will be scattered in the world with goodies they selected at random. You will receive a compass tracking him and if you kill the staff member, he will drop the goodies for you to receive.

Genie (L)

You are given 3 wishes and you cannot get more. Based on the number of kills you have in the game is what you can wish for. (If you have 0 kills, you can get the following: Golden Apple, Diamond Sword, Anvil. If you have 1 Kill, you can get the following: Player Head, Speed 1 Potion, Strength 1 Potion. If you have 2 Kills, you can get the following: Enchantment Table, Brewing Stand, 5 Diamond Ore. If you have 4 Kills, you can get the following: Instant Health 2 Potion Not Splashable, 128 Bottles of Enchanting, 1 Glowstone Block, 1 Blaze Rod. If you have 5+ Kills, you can get the following: 64 Obsidian, 8 Gold Ingots, 4 Soul Sand, 3 Wither Skeleton Heads.)

Golden Retriever (L)

Whenever a player dies, instead of the normal head post, it will drop a Golden Head.

Goldless (L)

Whenever you mine a piece of gold, if will drop a piece of iron instead. When a player dies, they will drop a golden head and 8 gold on death.

Gold Rush (H)

You cannot craft any leather armor or iron armor. You can only craft either Gold or Diamond Armor.

Gone Fishing (H)

At the start of the game, players receive 20,000 levels, 64 anvils, and an Unbreaking 250 and Luck of the Sea 250 fishing rod. Players cannot craft the enchantment table.

Good Game (L)

The first player to say "gg." after a player dies, will receive a reward. It can either be a diamond, cake, piece of gold, or a firework. The first player to say "eZ", "rekt", "loser", "your bad", or "kys", will get blindness, withered, or poisoned. WARNING: If you spam "gg." too much, you will be muted!!! Also, if you spam any bad messages, you will either be muted for a long time or banned!!!

Go To Hell (H, not comb.)

After a certain time period (45-60 minutes into the game.) Players will proceed into the Nether. If the player is not in the nether, they will take 0.5 hearts every 30 seconds until they go into the nether. (Required: Portal Trapping/Camping will be disabled for this scenario.)

Grave Robbers (L)

Whenever a player dies, their stuff will be in a grave, with a double chest.

Grinch (L)

Every Midnight, at 0,0 there is a zombie with leather armor known as the "Grinch". He stole of the Christmas presents from Santa! If you kill him, you will receive the present of whatever the Grinch was holding.

Halloween (H, Only Active on Oct. 31st)

Random lightning strikes around the player at random intervals causing bats to spawn around you and giving you nausea for 10 seconds if you get hit. Getting hit by a hostile mob causes 15 seconds of blindness. All spiders are replaced with cave spiders, The guardian effect appears on the screen at random times scaring you. Witch rates are upped at last Zombies and Skeletons spawn with jack o' lanterns.

Hastey Babies (L)

Every tool that you craft will have Efficiency 1.

Hastey Boys (L)

Every tool that you craft will have Efficiency 3 and Unbreaking 1.

Head Hunters (L)

When a player dies, their head will be somewhere 75 blocks out on where they died, on the surface.

Homework (H) BROKEN

Every 10 minutes, you will be assigned an item that you must collect and have in your inventory. If you do not have the item in your inventory you will lose 1 full heart. If you have it in your inventory, you will gain 1 potential heart.

Health Donor (L)

Players can donate health to other players in the game. Every half a heart you donate will cost 1 experience level. To do this command /donatehp <1-20>

Identity Theft (L)

Whenever you shoot and hit a player, you will gain their disguise. If a player already has another disguise, then you will steal theirs.

Infestation (H, not Comb.)

Whenever a monster dies, it has a 40% chance to respawn on where it has died.

Infinite Allies (H)

You can have has many allies as you want, but only 1 man can win.

Infinite Enchanter (H)

At the start of the game, everyone will receive 2 stacks of Bookshelves, anvils and enchant tables, and infinite levels.

Inventors (L)

The first person to craft something will be broadcasted in the chat. There is no reward for this. It's to show bragging rights!

Inventors+ (L)

The first player to craft something will be broadcasted in the chat. They will either receive 1 diamond or 2 gold.

Inverted Dimensions (H, not Comb.)

The nether and the overworld has been switched. The terrain, in the overworld, would look like the nether, and the nether would look like the overworld. Sugar cane will drop from trees and some lapis and redstone will be placed with obsidian. You cannot place water in the overworld.

Inverted Parallel (H, not Comb.)

When you go underneath Y:42 in the overworld, it will be replaced by the "nether." You cannot place the water in the "nether."

Investments (L)

You can invest diamonds and gold into a player. If the player gets a kill, you receive double the amount of gold or diamonds you put it. If they die, you will lose your investment on that player.

Isaac Mystery Teams (L, not comb.)

Everyone will be scattered alone, once PvP is enabled, you will get a colored Isaac head, you cannot craft this head into a Golden Head. If you find a player with the same Isaac head, then you and that player will be on a team. The command to check the teams is /mt teamsize

Islands (H, not Comb.)

There are 10 wide cracks run along the x and z axis every 100 blocks. The ore blocks on the side of these cracks are replaced with stone.

Kill Reveal (L)

The teams will be secret until players get a kill. Once they get a kill, their color is shown on the tab list. Players must figure out on who is on what team to determine on what the actual team is.

Kings (L)

Upon a team, 1 person will be King, the King will have Strength, Resistance, Haste, and 20 hearts. If the king dies, the remaining teammates will receive weakness for 3 mins and Poison for 15 seconds.

Krenzinator (L)

If you put 9 redstone blocks in a crafting table, you'll receive a diamond. If you craft a diamond sword, you will lose 1 heart. If you throw an egg, and if it hits a player, it will do half a heart (0.5). Horses and the nether is disabled, but you can still ride donkeys.

Love at First Damage (H)

When you take damage, you will be put onto a team. There are a minimum of 6 teams. The order is set as 1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. until everyone has taken damage and is put onto a team

Love at first sight (L)

You are scattered as a solo with no team. The first person you see, you must team with. If you right click on them, you will form a team. That is your teammate for the rest of the game.

Lavaless (L, not Comb.)

In the world, lava will not exist, and will be replaced, by the air blocks. The obsidian will generate in veins.

Lawless Meetup (L)

The rules of Meet-up have been more relaxed, you are permitted to do anything, besides cross teaming and breaking any server rules.

Lootcrates (L)

Every 10 minutes players are given out chests. You will gain a reward from them. They are either Tier 1 (Wooden Chest) or Tier 2 (Ender Chest).

Love When Coords Meet (H, not Comb.)

Similar to Soul Brothers and Love At First Sight. Half of the players will be scattered in 1 world and half in the other. Players will not be able to team based on who is in their world, but from coordinates of different worlds. Example, if 1 player in a world is at X:-500 and Z:250 and 1 player is in a 25 block radius near those coordinates in a different world, then they will automatically be put on a team. At meet-up all the players will be teleported into 1 different world.

Lucky Chests (L, not Comb.)

Ender chests will be scattered across the map, mainly in caves. They will contain either positive loot, like diamonds, gold, etc. Or negative effects like blindness, poison etc.

Market (L, not comb.)

The first 8 players, selected by the host or by a command of /codeword <Codeword>, will be selected. The owners will receive an X amount of diamonds to bid on. The command to bid for players is /bid <# of Diamonds>. After the bidding, the slave owners keep the remaining diamonds.

Market Double Packaging (L, not comb.)

The first 8 players, selected by the host or by a command on /codeword <Codeword>, will be selected. The owners will receive an X amount of diamonds to bid on. The command to bid for players is /bid <# of Diamonds>. Instead of players getting 1 person, they will get 2. The 2 people will be randomized and put together for bidding. After the bidding, the slave owners keep the remaining diamonds.

Melee Fun (H)

There is no delay for when hitting a player, removes the noDamageticks. So this means players can get insane combos! It is sort of like Combo UHC.

Moles (H)

Once PvP is on, 1 player will be selected on a team to be the mole. The mole's job is to kill his team and meet up with other moles, the moles will receive kits to pick from-located on top of the player's inventory. Depending on how players they're on in the game, there could be more than one mole team! (Arctic only!)

Monsters Inc. (H)

Once a player places down a door and walk through it, they will be teleported to another door that is connected within the world.

Mountaineering (L)

The entire map will be an extreme hills. Instead of using diamonds to craft an enchant table you will be using emeralds.

Moved 0,0 (L)

The center of the map is not 0,0, however a different set of coordinates. The coordinates of the real 0,0 will be announced 10 minutes before meetup.

Mystery Scenarios (H, MUST USE L SCENS)

The players will have no idea what the host enabled as a scenario or scenarios!

Mystery Teams (L, not comb.)

At PvP, players will receive a banner, wool, or firework, representing their color. If they find a player with that same color, they are on the same team!

Naked and Afraid (L)

Created by LethalWinter, you are not able to see everyone's armor. It will appear as when a person has no armor.

Necrophobia (H)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

All passive and aggressive mobs are replaced with zombies with different classes. Once you kill a zombie, they will drop the necessities of leather, string, feathers, and their own flesh in which you can smelt the flesh into food known as "Human Meat" or Steak. If you get hit by one zombie, you will be infected with slowness and weakness. You can craft a curing potion by using 3 glasses of water and 1 blaze rod, dropped by killing a fire zombie, in any shape in the crafting table / 2x2 table.

Nerfed Absorption (L)

Whenever you eat a golden apple and have 0 absorption hearts, you will get the absorption hearts first then once you eat another golden apple and you have the absorption effect, then you get the regeneration.

Neutral Mobs (L)

All mobs are neutral, like zombie pigman. Once you hit a mob, the mobs will now be aggressive on to you now and deal 3 times as much damage to you.

Nightmare Mode (H)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

The mobs have been intensely strong. Creepers walk twice as fast and when the explode a several silverfish will pop up to attack you. Zombies are slow but strong, if you kill them a skeleton appears and attacks you with melee. The zombies are also fire resistant. Skeletons shot poison arrows. Spiders are pretty fast and when they die, some "blood" and cobwebs will spawn around you. Enderman have mutated and whenever they get damaged, they will have a chance to spawn a blaze. Lastly, witches will have Speed 5.

No Anvils (L)

Anvils cannot be crafted nor be used.

No Clean (L)

When you kill a player, you have 20 seconds of PvP protection. If you attack a player and you have the PvP protection on, then you will lose that protection.

No Diamond Armor (L)

Players cannot craft any diamond armor.

No Enchant Preview (L)

When enchanting, you cannot see what will you get beforehand.

No Fall (L)

Players cannot take any fall damage.

No Nametags (L)

Everyone in the game cannot see other players' name tags, making sneak attacks almost impossible.

OP Lootcrates (L)

Every 15 mins, all players will recieve Overpowered items. There are 3 tiers in this scenario. The ender chest is the best, Trapped chest is the second best, and the normal chest being the third best.

Overcook (H)

After the furnace smelts 1 item, the furnace will explode and give you the items, smelted, that were put in the furnace. WARNING: The explosion from the furnace can kill you!

Parafusion (L)

When a player mines gold, or diamonds, crafts an enchant table, anvil, golden apples or heads, or brewing stand, eats a golden apple or golden head. or dies, then coordinates will be broadcasted with the names being "???". Health on tab will be disabled. Along with the /h command

Paranoia (L)

Whenever a player mines gold or diamonds, crafts an enchantment table or anvil, crafts or eats a Golden Apple or Golden Head, or when a player gets killed, their coords are broadcasted in the chat. Health on tab and the /h commands are disabled for this game

Period of Resistance (L)

Every 10 minutes, a damage type will be swapped. You cannot take damage from that type of damage. To check use /status

Permakill (L)

Whenever a player die, the cycle either changes to permanent day or permanent night.

Permanight (L)

There is no day time, it is always night time.

Picked Teams (L)

At the start of the game, players, one by one, are allowed to pick on what team they want to be on. The order in which players will pick, will be randomly selected.

Piggy Back (L)

If you right click on your teammate, you can ride on top of them!

Player Swap (L)

Every 2 to 7 minutes, at an unannounced time, 2 players will swap positions.

Potential Hearts (L)

Everyone will have 10 regular hearts and X amount of hearts that they can receive if they heal.

Potential Moles (H)

Once PvP is set, there is a chance that a team could have a mole or cannot have a mole on their team. If you are the mole, the goal is to kill your team and meet up with other moles.

Potential Permanent (H, not Comb.)

Everyone will start with 10 hearts and 10 absorption hearts. If a player loses any hearts due to damage, they will lose the hearts they've lost and cannot get it back. If you heal with a golden apple or golden head and your health is at maximum heath, you will lose the absorption hearts and gain hearts depending on how much you heal for. Golden heads also heal 2 hearts.

Potion Healing (L)

Whenever you craft a golden apple, it becomes a Tier 1 health potion. Whenever you craft a golden head, it becomes a Tier 2 Health potion.

Progressive Skyhigh (H)

After about 45-60 minutes, players must be at or near 0,0 at a Y level above 150. If players are underneath that Y:150 level they will take half a heart every 30 seconds. This damage will increase the more times you are below the recommended Y level. For example, if you took your first half a heart for not being above Y:150, you will take 1 full heart. If you are not above Y:150 for a 3rd time, you will take 1.5 hearts and so on. You will receive starter items at the beginning of the game, this includes: 2 stacks of blocks, some snowball blocks, some pumpkins, and a Diamond shovel. Also, the sand will drop glass and Snow blocks will drop snow blocks.

Progressive Speed (H)

Everyone starts out with speed 1, if you manage to get a kill your tier of speed will go up by 1 tier.

Pyrophobia (H, not Comb.)

All the water and ice in the world has been evaporated. All lava will replace it. 50% of all redstone veins and lapis veins is replaced by obsidian. Sugarcane will drop from trees at a rate of 2%. And lastly, all mobs in the game are fire resistant.

Quadrant Paranoia (L)

On tab, it will display a colored name for which quadrant you are in.

Quiver (L)

You are only permitted to carry only 16 arrows in your inventory at one time.

Random Starter Items (L)

Everyone will receive 9 random starting items at random amounts, all the items will be the same for each player.

Randomizer (H)

Whenever you break a block or kill an animal, it will drop either random loot. Whether it is from a crafting recipe, furnace smelting, or structure loot.

Red Arrows (L)

Whenever a player dies, a red arrow will appear in the sky in where the person has died.

Restoration (L)

Whenever you kill a player, your healing in your inventory will be consumed in order to be close to full health or on full health. I.e. Let's say you kill a player and you have 3 hearts left and 5 gaps. 3 gaps will be consumed automatically so you can be on 9 hearts with 2 gaps remaining. Golden Apples will take higher priority first then golden heads.

Rewarding Longshots (L)

Players that hit another player from a distance with a bow, will be rewarded. (30-49 block longshot is 1 iron. 50-99 block longshot is 1 piece of iron and gold. 100-199 block longshot is 1 iron, 1 gold, and a diamond. 200+ block longshots gives you 5 diamonds, 3 gold and 2 iron.)

Risky Retrieval (L)

All your mined Gold and Diamonds will go to an unbreakable chest located at 0,0 and the quadrants at 500.500, 500.-500, -500.-500, and -500.500.

Rodless (L)

The fishing rod cannot do any knockback to the player.

Rush (L)

The game will last 44 minutes or less.

Santa's Gift (L)

Putting a milk bucket and a cookie in a crafting table will give you good items.

Santa's Helper (L)

Every 15 minutes, all players are asked to obtain an item. Once the player has obtained that item, they can drop the item off in a chest at the coords of X: 250 and Z: 250 at any quadrant to receive a small reward. When the item rotates out, you cannot place that past item into the chest.

Scenario Mania (H)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

Created by the Recorded Round of Cataclysm, each player on a team will be given 1 scenario and it will only work for that 1 player on a team.

Scenario Stackup (H, MUST USE L-Type Scenarios)

Every 10 minutes, a new scenario will be enabled, even at the start.

Scenario Switcher (H, MUST USE L-Type Scenarios)

Every 10 minutes, a new scenario will be enabled and the old scenario will be disabled.

School (H, not comb.)

There are 2 roles in this scenario: The teacher and the student. The student cannot craft anything until the teacher has crafted that item. If the teacher dies, then the student will have to kill another teacher in order for him to craft everything.

Secret Health (L)

On tab, other player's health will not be shown. You can only see your own health.

Secret Teams (L)

The teams are not colored, thus for players to guess on who is on what team.

Select Fire (H)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

When left clicking your bow, it will go into four modes: Fireballs, Creepers, Flame, or TNT. Chickens do not Drop feathers and coal drops arrows.

Self Diagnosis (H)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

You cannot see your own health and everyone else's. It will always display as full health.

Shared Health (H, not comb.)

Upon a team, their health is shared. Every time a player takes damage, their teammates will also take damage as well. The heals of the Golden Apple will change. (20/X amount of players on a team.) And if one players die on a team, everyone on the team will die as well. Golden heads will be off.

Sharpshooters (L)

8 players, selected by the host, will go off to shoot 1 player from a pedestal to pick their players. If they miss their shot, their turn will be skipped. If they hit a player, that player will be added to their team.

Shrinking Borders (L)

The border will start to shrink at the start of pvp until meet-up. If you go past the border, you will be killed.

Silent Night (L)

When the night time occurs, the chat, name tags, health on tab and /h, and death messages will all be disabled.

Siphon (L)

Whenever you get a kill, you will regenerate 2 hearts, gain 2 levels and get a random tier 1 enchanted book. (The tier 1 book cannot be Fire Aspect 1 or Flame 1)

Skyhigh (H, not comb.)

After about 45-60 minutes, players must be at or near 0,0 at a Y level above 150. If players are underneath that Y:150 level they will take half a heart every 30 seconds. You will receive starter items at the beginning of the game, this includes: 2 stacks of blocks, some snowball blocks, some pumpkins, and a Diamond shovel. Also, the sand will drop glass and Snow blocks will drop snow blocks.

Slender Sniper (L)

At the start of the game, everyone will receive 16 arrows. You cannot get more arrows by crafting, killing skeletons, or picking arrows off of the ground. Once you kill a player, your arrow count will be reset back to 16 arrows.

Slimy Chunk (H, not comb.)

In the world, there is a 10% chance that each chunk can disappear! At the bottom of each chunk that has disappeared will contain slime blocks at the bottom to break your fall! You can break those slime blocks and it can send you or other people down to the void!

Slimy Crack (H, not comb.)

Along the X:0 or Z:0 lies a giant crack in the world with slime blocks underneath to break your fall. You can break the slime blocks. The size of the crack is about 50 blocks.

Snowball Fighters (H)

The snowballs you throw will do damage base on how far away you throw it and hit a player. You cannot obtain or use a bow, and the highest damaging melee weapon you can use it a Stone Axe or a Wood Sword. (Here is the base damage if you have no armor.< 5 blocks = 1.75 hearts, < 15 blocks = 2 hearts, < 25 blocks = 2.25 hearts, < 35 blocks = 2.5 hearts, and > 35 blocks = 2.75 hearts.)

Snowball Flight (H)

Whenever you right click a snowball you will be able to ride on that snowball. When you press your sneak action you will be getting off of the snowball. You must wait 10 seconds before you can throw another snowball to fly again. Fall Damage is disabled for this gamemode

Snowday (L, not comb.)

The entire world is covered in snow! Majority of the biomes is replaced by the Cold Taiga biome. Also there Sugar cane drops from trees at a rate of 2%.

Soul Brothers (H, not comb.)

2 of the same worlds are created. Teammates goes into 1 world, the other teammates goes into the other world. After a specific period of time, the remaining teammates, if they are alive, will be teleported into 1 new world together.

Soul Brothers+ (H, not comb.)

This is the same as Soul Brothers! Players are scattered into different worlds! However... Players will be scatter into special worlds and not regular worlds!

Speed Shot (L)

Whenever you hit a 50 block or more longshot, you will gain speed 2 for the next 10 seconds.

Spawners Galore (H, not comb with Infestation)

Spawner rates have been increased in the world. Giving you more mobs to fight and more loot to collect! The spawners can be any mob in the game! Except Ender Dragons, and Withers!

Speedy Miners (L, not comb with other potion effect scenarios)

Players that are under Y:32 will receive Speed 1.

Statless (L)

THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

The game will not count for stats.

Split Spawn (L)

In a Team game, all of the players on a team will be scattered alone.

Stock up (L)

Whenever a player dies, everyone that is currently alive will receive 1 empty heart.

Stronger Mobs (H)

Zombies and Skeletons have a chance to spawn in wearing armor. Creepers have a 25% of being a Charged Creeper. Spiders also have potion effects and witches spawn rate will be increased.

Sudden Death (L)

Once Meet-up is called all players will be teleported into a 300x300 area of 0,0 and must fight from there!

Superheroes (H)

Everybody on a team will receive a superpower that will last for the entire game. A player can receive 1 of the following: Strength, Speed, Resistance, Double Health, Invisibility, or Jump Boost. Fall damage is off in this gamemode. For Health power: Gaps heal 3 hearts and Golden Heads heal 6 hearts. Does not apply to potions! (If teams of 5, Jump will be available, if teams of 6 or higher, Invisibility is available, unless the player is solo without a team.)

Super Smash Brothers (H, not comb.)

Each player on a team will receive a different class, all classes are chosen at random. The characters are Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Pit, Meta Knight, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, and Link. All the characters has different abilities. To check abilities, use /ssh. (Here is the link for all of the powers!)[]

Swingers (L, not comb.)

The first team you see and right click the player on a different team, will combine that team together.

Take5 (H)

When a player dies, it will spawn a chest with all their stuff in it. You can only take 5 of their items.

Team Health (L)

All of the team's health is summed to their total combined health. You cannot /h a player or teammate.

Team Inventory (L)

You will have the ability to open your team inventory, (/ti) to gain an extra 27 inventory slots for team. If you are the last player on your team, once you die, you will drop all the items that are stored in the Team Inventory.

THS3 Terrain (H, not comb.)

The terrain is a mix of Flat World, Amplified, and Normal terrain. Dungeon rates are increased and fit every mob type.

Tier Progression (H, not comb.)

There are 3 worlds in the game and each world will contain different attributes. Everyone will start at World 1 and the Portal will be at 0,0 for World 2. (Same with World 2 to World 3) However, once you enter that portal, you cannot go back to the previous world. World 1 will contain no gold or diamond mining but 15 mins until pvp. World 2 will contain Gold mining, but no diamond mining. Also PvP will activate once you are in World 2. World 3 contains Gold and Diamond mining and PvP will be on once you enter that world. You will be scattered to random cords instead of 0,0 once you enter the world.

Timber (L)

When you break a tree, the entire logs of that tree will come off.

Timebomb (L)

Whenever a player dies, their stuff will be placed in a chest with a timer ticking. Players will have 30 seconds to grab the stuff before it explodes. After the 30 seconds, the chest full of items will explode. Players can be damaged by the explosion.

Timed Kings (L)

Created by the Record Round of Evolution. (Debuted in 8th season) The kings will be swapped every 10 minutes on a team. The old king will lose the king effects and the new king will get the new king effects.

Timed Teams (H)

The teams will be set at a random point in the game, rather than before in the game.

Time Flies (L)

Every day cycle takes 5 minutes and every night cycle takes 5 minutes, making the whole cycle only 10 minutes instead of 20.

TommySX (L)

Creepers will do double damage and every diamond shovel you craft will have Efficiency 5. When you craft a sword or bow, it'll be named XDDDDDDDDDDE. All mobs Passive or Hostile will have a 10% chance to spawn with Speed 2 and will be named Gotta Go Fast!

Training Rabbits (H)

Everybody will start with Jump Boost 2. Every time a player gets a kill, their Jump Boost tier will increase by 1. Fall damage will be off.

Trick Or Treat (L)

Every 7 minutes, players that are alive in the game will receive a pumpkin. By right clicking on this pumpkin it can provide you with a treat or with a trick.

Triple Ores (L, not comb.)

Instead of 1 ore dropping when you mine it, 3 will be dropped of that ore.

True Love (L)

You are allowed to team up with 1 other ally. If your ally dies, you can team up with another ally, either a solo can win or an allied team of 2 can win the game.

Tunnels (L)

The cave generation has been changed. All of the caves have been changed to represent Mineshafts, however all of the wood, cobwebs, and rails, have been removed.

Undead's Revenge (L)

Whenever a player dies, it will either summon a skeleton or a zombie that you must kill it in order to gain all of the loot. The Zombie or Skeleton will hold whatever the killed person was holding last.

Underground Parallel (H)

🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

The surface is replicated underground at Y:42 and Below.

Unbreakable (L)

All tools, weapons, and armor cannot be broken.

Upside-Down Crafting (H, not comb.)

All the crafting recipes in the game will be flipped upside down.

Urban Sprawl (H)

There will be a lot of villages in the world. You will also spawn with 20 Villager Eggs since no villagers will be spawned.

Vanilla+ (L)

It's the same game, but the game has been tweaked a little bit (Flint rates, Increased Apple Rates Etc.)

VeinMiner (L)

If you shift and mine an ore, with the right pickaxe, the entire vein of that ore will all be mined at once. This works with gravel too with a shovel.

Vengeful Spirits (L)

When a player dies above Y:64 a ghast will appear. You must kill that ghast in order to receive the player's head. If they die under Y:64 a blaze will spawn and you must kill it to get the player head.

Wacky World (H)

All the blocks in the world, except the trees, and ores will be completely randomized. You can get from clay to melon blocks! This terrain was first featured in Desire Season 6. (Owner’s note: I do think you start with cobble stone, don’t quote me on this)

Wasteland (H)

The map is generated as a wasteland. Meaning that everything is dead.

Webcage (L)

Whenever a player dies, a sphere of cobwebs will spawn on where the player has died.

Wish List (L)

At the start of the game, each player is assigned 3 random items to obtain. When a player obtains an item in their inventory, they will receive a buff. Each item has their own buff as well


🔴 THIS IS AN ADMIN SCENARIO. PLEASE ASK AN ADMIN IF YOU WANT TO HOST THIS SCENARIO (Hosts are only allowed to ask the Admins not players)

It stands for "Who The Fuck Is Playing This Game" The chat, join messages, death messages, and killboard are disabled. Everyone will be disguised as so that way you can't tell who is who.

Xenophobia (H, not comb.)

Every mob, passive or aggressive, will be a villager, same to go with all the players.

Your Name (L)

Every 10 minutes, you will be randomly swapped with your teammates. You will be disguised as the teammate you swapped with.

Zombies Galore (L)

All Hostile mobs will spawn as a zombie and will drop different items like bones, string etc.