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LightningChart® JS Android usage example

This repository showcases how to use LightningChart® JS charting library in a Android project.

More information about LightningChart® JS can be found from our website,

Getting Started

The project can be opened with Android Studio and run on the emulator or an actual device. Refer to the Android Developer Guide for instructions for Android development.

The chart is running inside a WebView. Data is send from the native Android code to the WebView to be displayed. You can find the source code for the charts from /app/src/main/assets. index.html is the page that is running inside the WebView and contains the JavaScript for configuring the chart. lcjs.iife.js is IIFE packaged version of LightningChart® JS that can be found inside the NPM package.

JavaScript has to be enabled on the WebView for the chart to work!


Sending data to the chart

Data can be send to the chart from native Android code with the help of evaluateJavascript method.

view.evaluateJavascript("setData('" + xyArray + "')", null);

The setData is a JavaScript method that has been defined inside the WebView. The evaluateJavascript method will call that method to set data in the chart. The contents of xyArray is provided as the argument to the setData method.

function setData(data){
    var arrData = data.split("||")
    const ArrX = JSON.parse(arrData[0])
    const ArrY = JSON.parse(arrData[1])
    const chartData = ( itr1, itr2 ) => ( { x: itr1, y: ArrY[itr2] } ) )

Development limitations

The Android simulator environment might not support all of the required WebGL 1 extensions. This means that all of LightningChart JS features might not work in the simulator environment. Actual devices do support those extensions most of the time meaning that the features that don't work in simulator do work in an actual device.


If you notice an error in the example code, please open an issue on GitHub.

Official API documentation can be found on Arction website.

If the docs and other materials do not solve your problem as well as implementation help is needed, ask on StackOverflow (tagged lightningchart).

If you think you found a bug in the LightningChart JavaScript library, please contact

Direct developer email support can be purchased through a Support Plan or by contacting

© Arction Ltd 2009-2020. All rights reserved.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.


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