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Arctos is a collection management system for natural and cultural history museums and collections. Current public code releases are posted here. This repo functions as the public forum.

Arctos is an ongoing effort to integrate access to specimen and object data, collection-management tools, and external resources on the Web. Nearly all that is known about a cataloged item can be included in Arctos, and, except for some data encumbered for proprietary reasons, data are open to the public.

Access Arctos:


Arctos documentation and procedures can be found at

You can also find more instructions on the Arctos Handbook.


Code of Conduct

Arctos is an ongoing discussion. Please follow the Arctos code of conduct. Comments and filed issues that violate our code of conduct will be removed at the administrators' discretion immediately. Visit the Issues in this repo or the Arctos Discussion Group to participate. Or contact us directly: