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ImportCSV is used for load positions from CSV file to database. This is an extension for Yii Framework.

Import occurs in three steps:

  1. Upload file;
  2. Select delimiters and table;
  3. Select mode and columns in table.

Module has 3 modes:

  1. Insert all - Add all rows;
  2. Insert new - Add new rows. Old rows remain unchanged;
  3. Insert new and replace old - Add new rows. Old rows replace.

All parameters from the previous imports will be saved in a special .php file in upload folder.


Yii 1.1


1) Copy all the 'importcsv' folder under /protected/modules;

2) Register this module in /protected/config/main.php

        'path'=>'upload/importCsv/', // path to folder for saving csv file and file with import params

3) Create a directory which you use in 'path'. Do not forget to set access permissions for directory 'path';

4) The module is available here:


Or here:


Or somewhere else:-) It depends from path settings in your project;

5) ATTENTION! The first row of your csv-file must will be a row with column names.