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ArduCAM USB Camera Shield is a general purpose USB camera controller board that can accommodate wide range of CMOS camera module from 0.3MP ~ 14MP. By using provided SDK library and demo source code, user can design their own applications. More info can be found from arducam website

Now Supported Cameras

  • OV7670 0.3MP
  • OV7675 0.3MP
  • OV7725 0.3MP
  • MT9V034 0.36MP (global shutter)
  • MT9M112 1.3MP
  • MT9M001 1.3MP (Monochrome/Color)
  • AR0134 1.2MP (global shutter)
  • OV2640 2MP
  • OV5642 5MP
  • OV5640 5MP
  • MT9P001 5MP
  • MT9N001 9MP
  • MT9J001 10MP (Monochrome)
  • MT9J003   10MP (Color)
  • MT9F001/MT9F002 14MP

Supported Platform

  • PC
  • Raspberry Pi
  • ARM 64bit / Pine64 Contact us for more platform support.

Supported OS

  • Windows
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Raspbian

Supported Programming Languages

  • C/C++
  • Python