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Arducam releases new Arducam Mini cameras drivers for Raspberry Pi platform.

  • Optimized the speed of SPI and Improved image transmission speed
  • Support for Arducam Mini 2MP/2MP Plus 5MP plus (the default is 2mp/2mp plus)
  • Support for 4 cameras work together
  • Support image preview through hdmi monitor.

Hardware Setup

Alt text

Alt text

Pins definition (BCM)

//ArduCAM CS pins
#define     CAM_CS1         17
#define     CAM_CS2         23
#define     CAM_CS3         22
#define     CAM_CS4         24
//I2c pins
#define sda_port        2 
#define scl_port        3
//SPI pins 
//set 9 (MISO), 10 (MOSI), 11 (SCLK) alt fxn 0 (SPI0)

Platform configuration (bcm283x_board_driver.h)

  • These #define values are specific to the BCM2835, taken from "BCM2835 ARM Peripherals"
#define BCM2835_PERI_BASE        0x20000000
  • Updated to BCM2836 for Raspberry Pi 2.0
#define BCM2835_PERI_BASE        0x3F000000

Quickly start

  • Install the open cv library
sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev
  • Install the RaspberryPi library
sudo git clone

Alt text

  • Compile and run the test demo
  • [Notice: Before running the test demo, you should connect your hdmi monitor, if not, the opencv will can't find the display device.]
cd RaspberryPi/Multi_Camera_Adapter_SPI_Camera
sudo make 

Alt text

sudo ./run_Arducam_Demo 

Alt text

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