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// User specific config file. Any items listed in config.h can be overridden here.
// If you used to define your CONFIG_APM_HARDWARE setting here, it is no longer
// valid! You should switch to using a HAL_BOARD flag in your local
// uncomment the lines below to disable features (flash sizes listed are for APM2 boards and will underestimate savings on Pixhawk and other boards)
//#define LOGGING_ENABLED DISABLED // disable logging to save 11K of flash space
//#define MOUNT DISABLED // disable the camera gimbal to save 8K of flash space
//#define AUTOTUNE_ENABLED DISABLED // disable the auto tune functionality to save 7k of flash
//#define AC_FENCE DISABLED // disable fence to save 2k of flash
//#define CAMERA DISABLED // disable camera trigger to save 1k of flash
//#define RANGEFINDER_ENABLED DISABLED // disable rangefinder to save 1k of flash
//#define AC_RALLY DISABLED // disable rally points library (must also disable terrain which relies on rally)
//#define AC_AVOID_ENABLED DISABLED // disable stop-at-fence library
//#define AC_OAPATHPLANNER_ENABLED DISABLED // disable path planning around obstacles
//#define PARACHUTE DISABLED // disable parachute release to save 1k of flash
//#define NAV_GUIDED DISABLED // disable external navigation computer ability to control vehicle through MAV_CMD_NAV_GUIDED mission commands
//#define OPTFLOW DISABLED // disable optical flow sensor to save 5K of flash space
//#define FRSKY_TELEM_ENABLED DISABLED // disable FRSky telemetry
//#define PRECISION_LANDING DISABLED // disable precision landing using companion computer or IRLock sensor
//#define BEACON_ENABLED DISABLED // disable beacon support
//#define SPRAYER_ENABLED DISABLED // disable the crop sprayer feature (two ESC controlled pumps the speed of which depends upon the vehicle's horizontal velocity)
//#define WINCH_ENABLED DISABLED // disable winch support
//#define GRIPPER_ENABLED DISABLED // disable gripper support
//#define RPM_ENABLED DISABLED // disable rotations per minute sensor support
//#define STATS_ENABLED DISABLED // disable statistics support
//#define MODE_ACRO_ENABLED DISABLED // disable acrobatic mode support
//#define MODE_AUTO_ENABLED DISABLED // disable auto mode support
//#define MODE_BRAKE_ENABLED DISABLED // disable brake mode support
//#define MODE_CIRCLE_ENABLED DISABLED // disable circle mode support
//#define MODE_DRIFT_ENABLED DISABLED // disable drift mode support
//#define MODE_FLIP_ENABLED DISABLED // disable flip mode support
//#define MODE_FOLLOW_ENABLED DISABLED // disable follow mode support
//#define MODE_GUIDED_ENABLED DISABLED // disable guided mode support
//#define MODE_GUIDED_NOGPS_ENABLED DISABLED // disable guided/nogps mode support
//#define MODE_LOITER_ENABLED DISABLED // disable loiter mode support
//#define MODE_POSHOLD_ENABLED DISABLED // disable poshold mode support
//#define MODE_RTL_ENABLED DISABLED // disable rtl mode support
//#define MODE_SMARTRTL_ENABLED DISABLED // disable smartrtl mode support
//#define MODE_SPORT_ENABLED DISABLED // disable sport mode support
//#define MODE_SYSTEMID_ENABLED DISABLED // disable system ID mode support
//#define MODE_THROW_ENABLED DISABLED // disable throw mode support
//#define MODE_ZIGZAG_ENABLED DISABLED // disable zigzag mode support
//#define OSD_ENABLED DISABLED // disable on-screen-display support
//#define BUTTON_ENABLED DISABLED // disable button support
//#define LANDING_GEAR_ENABLED DISABLED // disable landing gear support
// features below are disabled by default on all boards
//#define CAL_ALWAYS_REBOOT // flight controller will reboot after compass or accelerometer calibration completes
//#define DISALLOW_GCS_MODE_CHANGE_DURING_RC_FAILSAFE // disable mode changes from GCS during Radio failsafes. Avoids a race condition for vehicle like Solo in which the RC and telemetry travel along the same link
//#define ADVANCED_FAILSAFE ENABLED // enabled advanced failsafe which allows running a portion of the mission in failsafe events
// other settings
//#define THROTTLE_IN_DEADBAND 100 // redefine size of throttle deadband in pwm (0 ~ 1000)
// User Hooks : For User Developed code that you wish to run
// Put your variable definitions into the UserVariables.h file (or another file name and then change the #define below).
//#define USERHOOK_VARIABLES "UserVariables.h"
// Put your custom code into the UserCode.cpp with function names matching those listed below and ensure the appropriate #define below is uncommented below
//#define USERHOOK_INIT userhook_init(); // for code to be run once at startup
//#define USERHOOK_FASTLOOP userhook_FastLoop(); // for code to be run at 100hz
//#define USERHOOK_50HZLOOP userhook_50Hz(); // for code to be run at 50hz
//#define USERHOOK_MEDIUMLOOP userhook_MediumLoop(); // for code to be run at 10hz
//#define USERHOOK_SLOWLOOP userhook_SlowLoop(); // for code to be run at 3.3hz
//#define USERHOOK_SUPERSLOWLOOP userhook_SuperSlowLoop(); // for code to be run at 1hz
//#define USERHOOK_AUXSWITCH ENABLED // for code to handle user aux switches
//#define USER_PARAMS_ENABLED ENABLED // to enable user parameters