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#!/usr/bin/env python
decode a device ID, such as used for COMPASS_DEV_ID, INS_ACC_ID etc
To understand the devtype you should look at the backend headers for
the sensor library, such as libraries/AP_Compass/AP_Compass_Backend.h
import sys
import optparse
parser = optparse.OptionParser("")
parser.add_option("-C", "--compass", action='store_true', help='decode compass IDs')
parser.add_option("-I", "--imu", action='store_true', help='decode IMU IDs')
opts, args = parser.parse_args()
if len(args) == 0:
print("Please supply a device ID")
bus_type=devid & 0x07
bus=(devid>>3) & 0x1F
bustypes = {
1: "I2C",
2: "SPI",
3: "UAVCAN",
4: "SITL"
compass_types = {
0x01 : "DEVTYPE_HMC5883_OLD",
0x07 : "DEVTYPE_HMC5883",
0x02 : "DEVTYPE_LSM303D",
0x04 : "DEVTYPE_AK8963 ",
0x05 : "DEVTYPE_BMM150 ",
0x06 : "DEVTYPE_LSM9DS1",
0x09 : "DEVTYPE_AK09916",
0x0A : "DEVTYPE_IST8310",
0x0B : "DEVTYPE_ICM20948",
0x0C : "DEVTYPE_MMC3416",
0x0D : "DEVTYPE_QMC5883L",
0x0E : "DEVTYPE_MAG3110",
imu_types = {
0x09 : "DEVTYPE_BMI160",
0x10 : "DEVTYPE_L3G4200D",
0x11 : "DEVTYPE_ACC_LSM303D",
0x12 : "DEVTYPE_ACC_BMA180",
0x13 : "DEVTYPE_ACC_MPU6000",
0x16 : "DEVTYPE_ACC_MPU9250",
0x17 : "DEVTYPE_ACC_IIS328DQ",
0x21 : "DEVTYPE_GYR_MPU6000",
0x22 : "DEVTYPE_GYR_L3GD20",
0x24 : "DEVTYPE_GYR_MPU9250",
0x25 : "DEVTYPE_GYR_I3G4250D",
0x27 : "DEVTYPE_INS_ICM20789",
0x28 : "DEVTYPE_INS_ICM20689",
0x29 : "DEVTYPE_INS_BMI055",
decoded_devname = ""
if opts.compass:
decoded_devname = compass_types.get(devtype, "UNKNOWN")
if opts.imu:
decoded_devname = imu_types.get(devtype, "UNKNOWN")
print("bus_type:%s(%u) bus:%u address:%u(0x%x) devtype:%u(0x%x) %s" % (
bustypes.get(bus_type,"UNKNOWN"), bus_type,
bus, address, address, devtype, devtype, decoded_devname))