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board AP_HAL: support HAL_Semaphore type Aug 16, 2018
examples AP_HAL: fixed example build on ChibiOS Jan 15, 2018
utility AP_HAL: Remove resource leak in srxl.cpp Jun 20, 2018
AP_HAL.h AP_HAL: eliminate AP_HAL::Print and AP_HAL::Stream Mar 22, 2018
AP_HAL_Boards.h Global: remove minlure Jun 26, 2018
AP_HAL_Macros.h AP_OSD: Adding flight distance and summary panels for OSD Aug 16, 2018
AP_HAL_Main.h Global: remove mode line from headers Oct 24, 2016
AP_HAL_Namespace.h AP_HAL: introduce a CANProtocol interface and remove HAL CAN thread m… Aug 12, 2018
AnalogIn.h AP_HAL: replace header guard with pragma once Feb 18, 2016
CAN.h AP_HAL: introduce a CANProtocol interface and remove HAL CAN thread m… Aug 12, 2018
Device.cpp AP_HAL: Device: remove unused function to read registers Jan 27, 2017
Device.h AP_HAL: added device types for SITL Jul 13, 2018
GPIO.h AP_HAL: Remove GPIO::analogPinToDigitalPin() Jul 12, 2018
HAL.cpp AP_HAL: add run() method Oct 20, 2015
HAL.h AP_HAL: added uartG Jun 28, 2018
I2CDevice.h AP_HAL: added I2C bus mask functions and macros Jul 10, 2018
OpticalFlow.h AP_HAL: remove ahrs cb from opticalflow Jan 23, 2017
RCInput.h AP_HAL: Remove overrides interface Jun 4, 2018
RCOutput.h AP_HAL: added chanmask to serial_setup_output() Aug 4, 2018
SPIDevice.h AP_HAL: added clock_pulse() method to SPIDevice May 27, 2018
Scheduler.cpp AP_HAL: move delay callback handling to base HAL Scheduler class May 9, 2018
Scheduler.h AP_HAL: introduce a CANProtocol interface and remove HAL CAN thread m… Aug 12, 2018
Semaphores.h AP_HAL: added take_blocking() method May 25, 2018
Storage.h AP_HAL: added optional healthy check on storage object Jul 10, 2018
UARTDriver.h AP_HAL: Update comment on UARTDriver::begin to reflect automatic Jun 26, 2018
Util.cpp AP_HAL: use AP_RTC Jun 14, 2018
Util.h AP_HAL: added duration to toneAlarm_set_buzzer_tone Jul 30, 2018
system.h Global: Rename printf format attribute Nov 30, 2015